Fallout 4 Skimpy Armor And Beefy Dude Mods Really Spice Up The Game

Looking for some super-sexy armor to spice up your wardrobe in Fallout 4? Looking to add a hunky piece of XY chromosomes as a flesh decoration in your wasteland abode? Well, there are two very appropriate solutions for you in the form of the CBBE Skimpy Armor and Clothing Replacer mod, and the Beefy Dudes v1 mod.

The Beefy Dudes v1 mod is based on the same mod as the Skimpy Armor and Clothing Replacer. They’re almost one and the same.

The difference is that one is for the guys and one is for the gals (or anyone else in between). Nexus Mods user lxator is following up on his previous mod that included adding male bulge to the game. The Beefy Dudes v1 mod takes it a step further by showcasing a fully circumcised and completely erect muscle-bound man in the buff, perfectly trimmed and sculpted to look like he came right out of a gay porn magazine.

The elongated tool of the patriarchy is laid bare for all to see. If you want to scour the wasteland putting fear into the hearts of ex-convicts who did time in American maximum security prisons, and glee into the eyes of thirsty housewives and widows in post-apoclayptic Boston, then the Beefy Dudes v1 mod is right proper for you. You can download the NSFW mod right now over on Nexus Mods.

The funny thing about it is that Beefy Dudes isn’t that popular a mod compared to everything else on the service. It only has 7,395 views as of the writing of this article. It obviously pales in comparison to say… the CBBE Skimpy Armor and Clothing Replacer mod, which has more than 106,000 views and has been downloaded more than 23,000 times. The mod gives way to leaving little and even less to the imagination while also bringing a lot of the current day sex appeal in today’s pop-culture to Fallout 4.

Fallout 4
Fallout 4Fallout 4
Fallout 4

Literal bikini armor. There’s someone raging silently on Tumblr right now.

As is the usual case, the uncensored versions of the outfits can be viewed over on 18+ Flickr album where some of the more risque costumes and nude-baiting clothes are showcased. The album is obviously not safe for work.

Nexus Mods user tyronjam explains how the mod works and what it does, writing…

“This mod replaces a majority of the wearable items in game. Eventually when I finish, it will replace all of them (with a few exceptions). Most of the meshes are either heavy modifications of vanilla assets, or converted meshes from Skyrim, Oblivion, and Previous fallout mods.


“Nearly all of the meshes have a much higher poly-count than vanilla (double or triple in many cases), so if your computer cant handle vanilla Fallout 4 well, then this mod isn’t for you!”

He also takes a slight jab at why some people are questioning the size of the character’s assets in the screenshots above. He’s not shy about where his interests lie, bluntly and cheekily stating…

“I like big, fake looking boobs… But also, in my experience, bodyslide gives better results for everyone when starting out with bigger breasts. Results look better for small boob lovers when resizing from big to small rather than small to big. This is because bigger boobs need more vertices than smaller ones, and pre-made smaller meshes often don’t have enough vertices to look good at larger sizes.”

Wow, who knew that there’s a technical, scientifically sound reason to make bigger boobs in a game. I’m sure there are minds scattered across the socially progressive landscape that just blew up into a thousand tiny pieces of the remnants of Stalin’s cloned brained that was unfortunately fused together with the refuse of a communist hippy compost heap.

Anyway, you can grab the CBBE Skimpy Armor mod and sex up the appeal of Fallout 4 to scales that can’t fit on any network television’s censorship chart, by simply paying a visit to the official Nexus Mods page and downloading the crap out of this little shindig.


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