How To Duplicate Stacks Of Ammo And Items In Fallout 4 After Patch 1.2

Yet again, there’s another glitch after patch 1.2.37 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC players to use with duplicating items and ammo with Dogmeat in Fallout 4. This glitch takes another approach to duplicating, and offers players to duplicate stacks of ammo and items like fusion cores.

If you’re familiar with the Dogmeat duplication glitch and gaining more ammo or items, you will be able to pull off the same glitch but after the latest 1.2 patch. However this glitch isn’t like the latest resource glitch that involves scrapping items by going into workshop mode, but it will revert back to the old method of quitting and re-entering through your quick save.

It’s best to note that you will be able to do this glitch with stacks of fusion cores, items and all sorts of ammo, even for the hard to find ammo like Gamma rounds, or the Alien Blaster Rounds. Like before, it consists of using Dogmeat in an area that makes the duplication glitch easy, and dropping the ammo or item you want to be duplicated on the ground.

Let’s just say you would want more 50 caliber ammo, pick up the 50 cal. at the same time as Dogmeat picks it up. If you had 25 of the ammo Dogmeat will drop one extra of the 25, while you get to keep the 25 of the 50 cal. Do not pick up the one ammo that Dogmeat dropped, instead drop your box of 25 on the ground to change the number of the single one to 25. From here you can keep duplicating or redoing the glitch to get more stacks of ammo or items.

The second step requires you to quick save it and quit. Re-enter through your quick save and you should see the single 50 cal. bullet converted into boxes of 25. Pick up both the ammo on the ground and instead of getting the original 25 plus the one 50 cal. bullet equaling out to be 26, instead you will get two 25 boxes of 50 cal. This will leave you with 50.

You can do this with any item or ammo with any amount. You can watch Demon Asylum‘s latest video doing the duplication glitch after patch 1.2.

Something worth noting, if you make it over the limit of 4,000 or 5,000 you will notice the game will start to move slow, or could possibly lock up. So it’s best to keep the ammo or item count somewhere beneath 4,000.


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