Nintendo Confirms Fire Emblem Fates May Be Censored For Western Release
Fire Emblem Fates May Be Censored

Various websites have been reaching out to Nintendo to confirm if a conversation that they claim is “gay conversion therapy” will be removed from Fire Emblem Fates, the tactical role-playing game for the Nintendo 3DS. According to Nintendo, there will be no conversations in the game about gay conversion therapy.

Niche Gamer posted the response from Nintendo, which reads…

“In the version of the game that ships in the U.S. and Europe, there is no expression which might be considered as gay conversion or drugging that occurs between characters.”

In a pastebin that leaked in 2015 regarding a fan translation of Fire Emblem Fates a conversation took place between a character named Soleil and a male soldier where he revealed that he put a drug in her drink so that she would see males as females and females as males. Why? Because Soleil had a problem concentrating whenever she was around cute girls. The potion enables the male protagonist – who is now viewed as a female in her eyes – to romance her later in the game. Some people viewed this as gay conversion therapy.

Some people claim that this entire conversation and path in the game will be censored due to Nintendo’s statements, but Nintendo didn’t confirm if the character is actually gay to begin with, thus negating that it’s actually gay conversion therapy.

Nintendo World Report has some interesting comments in the thread about the news. Some people are defending the censorship because they feel the theme is gross and creepy. Others feel as if things are being pushed too far and that this kind of censorship is in direct result of the media misrepresenting the game, no different than how the media caused Survival Island 3 to get banned, with CultClassic writing…

“So, I think there’s been a lot of loose interpretation of this scene, and the way news sites have been spinning it is very manipulative. Disgusting, really


[…] “At no point is Soleil explicitly confirmed to be homosexual, though she may be bisexual. Corrin is upfront with his actions and Soleil is in complete control of herself. She is not “cured” of her like of cute girls, she’s is merely taught to not allow it to cause her to get dizzy.”


“[…] the writers have every right to not have their silly anime shenanigans altered because a select group had to play hero.”

TraciTheWeeb also made a good point about changing and censoring content to appease people who don’t play video games, writing…

“the people who play moral police over games and try to channel their inner Jack Thompson, rarely ever actually play the games that they complain about. Changing a game to appease an audience that does not purchase or play the games will only confuse the people who do purchase and play the games. In this case, the character’s lbgt tendencies are a major part of who they are, and changing this will entirely rewrite the character’s dialogue, actions, etc., all to placate people who were never interested in the game anyway.”

The worries about the translation also spread to the likes of fan communities who are also working on their own translation for the game. In the Niche Gamer article Immahnoob pointed to a thread where one of the communities, Serenesforest, addressed the issue of whether or not their fan-translation would be censored like the official regional release. User Iuyairis responded to question about whether they would change the Soleil scene, saying…

“No, we’re going to stick to the original. And if there’s something wrong with the crowdsourcing, then we’ll retranslate it, because f*ck NoA and censoring. So there might be basis, but thanks for letting us know.


“The point of this project is to avoid censorship. We will ALWAYS stick truthful to the original Japanese text, and if something is wrong, we will retranslate it in-house. Because f*ck censorship.”

Well there you have it. The official stance on the fan translation community. Censorship can go copulate with itself.

Fire Emblem Fates is due for release in North America for the Nintendo 3DS on February 19th, 2016. You can learn more by visiting the official website.


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