Oxenfree Complete Gameplay Walkthrough

The game Oxenfree from Night School Studio is out and about for the Xbox One and PC. The game takes anywhere between four to six hours to complete, but some gamers might find themselves having trouble getting through some parts or getting stuck in some segments. There are some gameplay walkthroughs available that start from the beginning and completely play through the title all the way up to the end, offering hints and tips along the way.

The first part of the walkthrough comes from YouTuber Materwelonz. She introduces gamers to the gameplay, the controls and the fast-flowing dialogue system in the game. You can check out the first two videos below.

The first half of this segment is really straightforward and basically involves just getting the hang of the dialogue system.

The only light puzzles involve tuning in the proper frequency to the right radio stations. There’s also a part involving the dumpster that you need to over to the fence to climb over. Simply walk down the path and walk up next to the dumpster to move it.

If you need help with understanding a location, where you are or what you need to do, you can always use the 102.3 radio station to find out about certain locations.

When you get near the cave you’ll need to tune into 107 at the spots where Ren and Jonas point out.

Once you’re inside the cave and you get to the small triangle floating in the sky, tune into 93.1 to broaden the dimensional gateway.

YouTuber Nokzen N. also has an extended playlist of the game offering gamers a thorough walkthrough of the game. You can check it out below. His video series picks up where Materwelonz left off at part 3.

If you choose to go after Ren first you’ll travel through the forest and get to a lift that doesn’t have power. There’s a shack with a circuit breaker in it. Simply activate the switch and all the power will shutdown. Go over to the lamp on the far right side of the shack (or cabin) and use the radio frequency to activate the triangle. The power will come back on and the lift will be reactivated.

After a segment involving a loop with a tent that keeps repeating, you’ll need to climb up the rocks and meet with Nona. You can convince her to head to the Comm tower where you can meet up with her later.


You’ll meet up with Ren at another cabin in the woods and then find yourself stuck in another time loop. You’ll need to wind up the tape players before heading into the cabin.

You’ll meet up with “Starchild” Ren and you’ll need to use the radio to tune into Ren’s frequnecy. Slowly tune the radio in until the triangles open up another portal. After another short cinematic with Ren – who then heads to the Comm tower with Nona – you’ll have to venture to the abandoned buildings heading in Clarrisa’s direction. You’ll need to activate the red flickering light in the tower using the radio by tuning into 101.2.

Majority of the game revolves around simple dialogue choices, winding things up (or down) and tuning the radio frequency to proceed.

The gameplay doesn’t throw too many difficult puzzles at players and most are the same puzzles recycled throughout, but in inventive ways.

The game is available right now for the Xbox One and on Steam for PC for $19.99. The music is really, really good and fits the mood and atmosphere perfectly. The OST from Scntfc is also available separately from the game for $9.99. Both the game and the OST are also available in a bundle pack together for $24.99. If you need more info on the game feel free to visit the official Oxenfree website.


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