Paragon Devs Explain Card System And How To Level Up And Swap New Cards

Epic Games latest competitive MOBA, Paragon, features quite a bit of things going on at once, which adds to the complexity of the game. However, the devs take a nice look into the card system, XP and amber, which will help players throughout battles.

Currently in alpha testing, the upcoming MOBA will feature a range of characters and maps that will offer a different take on how battles play out. Unfortunately, battles will not be won alone on pure strength, but strategy. To further reiterate this mechanic, a deck system of cards will play a huge part in leveling up character moves, providing first-aid assistance, more power and mana rejuvenation.

In the latest video, the devs introduce players to the basics of the game and how to set-up a deck with common items and weapons, which will obviously increase the chances of survival.

In the video, a dev explains that in the top left corner of a card or mod, you will see how many spaces it will take up with a given number — in the video it was a three, meaning it will take up three spaces. Looking over to the top right-hand of the card is the rarity of the mod. And if you hover over it, you will be able to see its statistics.

The dev explains that you will start off with three card points, and that it’s best to start your deck off with a mana and health potion. But there’s always a catch; these cards do have points on them and can run out during battles, which can be recharged if you go back to base to restore their points.

Furthermore, while battling you will earn card XP from a special substance called amber that lets you equip more cards from your deck. So in other words, you will want to collect as much amber to get more card XP so that your pool of card points will increase for a bigger arsenal of item/upgrade mods.

Like any other RPG or MOBA, you will need to upgrade your character based on their class/build that will match not only your play-style, but the type of match you are about to jump into. You can watch the latest trailer that the devs sent out, as seen below.

As of now, the devs have Paragon in alpha testing. If you want to learn more and gain some information about the game, you can head on over to Paragon‘s official site for character info, world information, tactics and strategies, and more on the card system.


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