Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster Complete Gameplay Walkthrough

Capcom re-released Resident Evil Zero as an HD remaster for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and PC. The game features improved gameplay, high definition textures and models, as well as remastered HD audio. Gamers new to this particular entry in the Resident Evil series will be able to find their way around thanks to a few gameplay walkthrough guides made available of the game.

YouTuber Shirrako has a playlist available of his take on the game, which starts with Rebecca Chambers from the S.T.A.R.S., team. The early parts of the game that take place on the train introduce players to the zombies, the combat and navigating through the pre-rendered environments. You can check out the playlist below.

At the start you’ll find that many of the doors are locked. The game will force you through specific corridors leading up to a locked door with a card reader; it will a dead body near it. The train key from the torn up body of the employee will open the door at the beginning of the game where you first started. It will lead you to the next section.

20 minutes into the game Billy Coen will join Rebecca as a playable character. Billy can move large objects and can take more damage. Rebecca can combine herbs and has lower defenses than Billy.

After climbing onto the roof, hopping down into the open cabin and grabbing the supplies with Rebecca, you must use Billy to send up the food cart to Rebecca. Place the ink ribbons on the cart and send them to Billy. Proceed to head to room 201 doing the train corridor and save the game if you want. Also use Rebecca and send the train key down to Billy, he can use it to enter the conductor’s room that was previously locked. It’s just around the corner from the save game room. There’s a ladder that leads up to another section of the cart where there’s a room that contains shotgun ammo and a shotgun.

After proceeding through the train Billy will encounter a giant scorpion monster. You’ll need to aim down and shoot it in the face right between eyes to do damage. Wait for it to get close and shoot past the claws to hit it in the face, otherwise you’ll just keep shooting the armored claws and you won’t do any damage. In part 2 of the video Shirrako shows you how to kill the scorpion like a boss.

After killing the boss you’ll get a tool to open the panel cover.

Head back to the food tray and send up the ice pick to Rebecca. Use the ice pick to pick lock the door and get out of the locked room.

Proceed to use the tool to open the floor hatch to head to the lower levels.

After getting the hookshot from the back of the train, if you head back to the conductor’s room and head up to the upper deck. In one of the rooms beyond where the eggs used to be there’s a brief case in a closet. It’s locked. Use the jewelry box you find to examine it and then take the silver ring inside the box. Use the silver ring and combine it with the briefcase. You can open the briefcase where you’ll find a blue keycard inside that will access the locked room near the conductor’s room that requires a keycard to unlock.

Resident Evil Zero HD Remastered

For the brake puzzle you’ll need to grab the lockcard in the conductor’s booth. Head to the very back of the train. Insert the lockcard and input the number 3 nine times into the keypad and press the number 9 once. So it should be: 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 9.

Back in the cabin with Billy, the code to put the brake on should be: 7, 7, 7, 7, 7, 7, 7, 7, 4.

Eventually things end up in the Umbrella mansion where Billy and Rebecca have to deal with more zombies and monsters.

If you head down into the training facility you’ll be able to acquire another shotgun with some ammo, if you want it. There’s also a black statue on a stand that you’ll need to take.

After continuing through the mansion you’ll find that one of the rooms upstairs across from the statue with the scales has a crankhandle located below the mirror and opposite of the old fireplace. Grab the crackhandle.

You’ll also find some microfilm in the study just down the from the red door with the fire motif on it. Grab the microfilm and use the crankhandle on the crank at the back of the room.

Use the lift to send Rebecca upstairs and grab the items upstairs.

Head back downstairs and head into the room directly to the left of the stairs through the basement where the crank machine is. Inside the room will be two giant bug creatures; kill the bugs and grab the white statue. Use Billy to work the crank and lift the cage to reveal the key trapped underneath. You’ll have to fight the giant carrion Centurian to proceed.

Resident Evil Zero HD Remastered

You can head to the red door through the dining room off the main foyer and use the red key you got from the cage to open it. You may have to leave some items behind as your inventory is pretty small. It’s best to keep some items located near the save point.

Head to the other red door down the small corridor and use the fire key to open it. Grab the iron needle from the wall after using Billy to push the table under the moose’s head mounted on the wall.

Head back to the room with the broken clock where the lift is located. Use the iron needle to place it on the clock. Set the minute hand to 3:00; set the hour hand to 8:00 and press okay to unlock the two white doors in the main foyer.

You’ll find another microfilm in the white room on the second floor. Head back down to the first floor and through the corner door on the far southwest side of the foyer. Head into the second white room and insert both the microfilms to get hints for the microfilm puzzle.

Resident Evil HD Zero Remastered

Take the system disk from the projector room and head to the conference room at the top of the main hall. Insert the disk and proceed to turn on the computers in the conference room by going to the terminal ‘0’ and ‘A’ – as pictured in the image above – to unlock the doors blocked by the knights with the swords.

Through the door in the main foyer there is a hallway that leads to a study with a giant chessboard on the floor. You will see a chessboard on the desk. You must arrange the chess pieces in the same position as they appear on the desk. This will reveal a secret compartment on the desk with a book inside. Examine the book after you have it in your inventory. When it opens there will be a black wing inside — the same wing for the statue you picked up earlier. Combine the wing with the statue.

Proceed upstairs to the door on the far northwest side of the foyer and head through it and down the hallway. Head inside the conference room where there is a door in the back and to the left. Inside that room there is a small library. Climb up the platform to the left and use Billy to push the bookshelf over. It will reveal the book of good. Examine the book and you will find inside the angel wings. Take the wings back to the statue and combine the wings. Place it on the scale to open the hidden basement doorway behind the painting just below the statue.

For the “Six Souls” puzzle where you have to light up the proper censers in the right order — first, start with lighting the censer next to the deer. From there, move over to the howling wolf and use the lighter on the censer. Proceed next to light up the stallion/horse. Next, light up the censor on the far right side facing the door. Then light up the one with the snake wrapped around the tree branch. Lastly, light up the eagle, which is facing the left side wall. The gated door should lift up.

Resident Evil HD Remaster is available for the PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. You can get your hands on the game right now for $19.99. For more info feel free to visit the official website.


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