Sakura Angels Complete Walkthrough With Uncensored CG Images

Winged Cloud’s Sakura Angels came out back in in early 2015 but it was removed and re-added to Steam’s library recently back in October, 2015 after Winged Cloud and Sekai Project parted ways, as reported by VNS Now. Anyway, the visual novel causes some users all sorts of grief because they can’t always share the images on Steam or view the content because it’s prohibited due to Steam’s no nudity rules. Thankfully there are YouTubers out there that managed to compile all of the uncensored images and the story into one convenient place.

Winged Cloud’s Sakura Angels features 21 CG images and they’re sprinkled throughout the game to help gamers really engage with the plot, because there’s a lot of plot.

YouTuber Kuroha Zone posted up all of the unlocked CG images for Sakura Angels that you can check out below. Some of the images are obviously not safe for work.

The visual novel itself follows the story of a lowly protagonist being pursued by a sorceress and an ancient evil. He’s rescued by two mages attempting to help him out and save him from the ancient evil. Yes, it’s a story about a dude in distress who must be saved by two hot chicks. I’m sure there are some angry Social Justice Warriors out there clanking away on the keyboard about how terrible it is that beautiful women are saving a dude in distress, no different than how they complain when a dude saves a beautiful woman in distress.

But hey, some people can never be happy.

For people who do want a happy ending, you’ll definitely find one in Sakura Angels. YouTuber LudaAaGames rolled out a near five hour walkthrough of Sakura Angels from start to finish. You can check it out below.

During the split from Sekai Project, Winged Cloud also added in Japanese voices as part of a patch so that English speaking gamers could experience the visual novel with the native Japanese voice-overs. It’s a nice show of love for those of us who prefer subs over dubs.

With their separation from Sekai Project I’m curious how well Winged Cloud will do on their own? They have an established fanbase and so long as the quality of their projects don’t dwindle too much then I think they’ll be able to maintain a strong presence within the visual novel market, they almost had a misstep with Sakura Santa but it didn’t damage their brand too badly.

Sakura Angels

I’ll guess time will tell how well they’ll be able to manage on their own once their next set of visual novels come out.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already picked up a digital copy of Sakura Angels you can do so by paying a visit to the Steam store page. The visual novel is only $9.99.


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