Street Fighter 5 Alt Costumes Reveal Super Sexy Laura, Officer Cammy

A batch of screenshots – some even captured on PC at 4K – reveal some of the alternate costumes for the characters in Street Fighter V.

The good folks at /r/Kappa revealed that Ono and the rest of the crew may have capitulated on giving up R. Mika’s butt-slap, but they showed just how thirsty they really are with Laura’s alternate outfit, which in some shots leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination. In fact, with the one shot below I don’t even know if it can be posted without an NSFW warning. I’ll let you decide.

Street Fighter 5 - Laura


Dang, someone at Capcom hasn’t had a drink in ages. The thirst is real.

You can thank Raccoon_City for nabbing those shots. And if you want to see the rest of his album at 4K, you can check it out below.

Laura Alt

Yeah, I’m going to go ahead and say that Capcom didn’t seem to pull many punches diving deep into oasis fan-service. R. Mika may be a little more tame in her Critical Art but Laura just went full Brazil in those shots above.

Of course, you can leave it to NeoGaf to get their tumblr-approved ovaries in a bunch and start whining about Laura. In fact, this one guy is so beta I’ll just post up his comment and let you read it…

“[…] street fighter is a fighting game, it’s not actually a trip to the beach. They are different things.


“Those girls at the beach, they have actual brains in their heads and autonomy… They dress themselves. They can present themselves however they like. Laura from street fighter in the other hand does not have a brain. She does not have autonomous thoughts. She didn’t dress herself. She’s an animated computer model designed to give teenagers boners and sell video games from inducing hormone release from supernormal stimuli.”

I would be willing to bet that this pasty kid has never been to a Brazilian beach in his life, and the closest he’s managed to get is a tour guide website for Brazil that his parents approved for him to visit with the child safety web filter on. But no one’s judging… if he’s down with grannies on the beach and unitard beachwear it’s his prerogative.

Anyway, coolestguy86 proved just how cool he was by uploading more shots of alternate costumes for the likes of R. Mika, Zangief and Cammy in Street Fighter V. You can check those out below.


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I think it’s funny that Capcom gave R. Mika and Zangief similar alts, with both of them sporting skin-tight spandex while one leg is out. Obviously one rocks the outfit better than the other and I think we all know who that is… right, comrades?

You can look for Street Fighter V to launch on the PS4 and PC on February 16th next month. While the ESRB may have cracked down on the butt-slap and crotch shots… hot dang did Capcom throw up a middle-finger to the ESRB with some of those alternate outfits.


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