American Truck Simulator Cheats Grant Infinite Money And XP
(Last Updated On: May 4, 2016)

SCS Software’s American Truck Simulator is trucking in a lot of love, and for those that enjoy driving trucks around the roads and streets of the western parts of the U.S., there are some cheats that grant players infinite money and XP.

Something that should be noted before anyone gets too excited about this cheat: if you don’t like downloading any type of cheats/trainers then it’s best to turn around now. However, if you don’t mind downloading specific types of cheats or trainers, then you will fancy this news since it can net you more money and XP in American Truck Simulator.

This guide comes from the well-known Truck Simulator player “PCTrainers” or “A Friend,” who teaches players how to obtain the cheats or trainers, and how to operate them to get extra funds and XP in the game. Moreover, like many trainers, glitches and cheats, if the game receives an update or some sort of new patch, these two will likely stop working for your game.

To initiate the process to become a rich truck driver you will need to first head over to the modding community’s official trainers/cheats site, phpBB or, to get the trainer. Afterwards, YouTuber “PCTrainers,” explains in the description of his video on how to activate the cheat, which calls for players to press F5 while in-game, and lose a load of money to get infinite amounts of credits. You can read his steps below:

1. Press F5 while in game.
2. Lose money by hitting a car/driving the wrong way
3. Look at your money! If you had less than 0EUR then you will get -4.888.888EUR! Watch out!

It’s also worth noting that there are different versions of the trainer for your game type/version. Currently, there is version, 1.0.0s, and Check your version to see if it matches the trainers, and if so press F5 to start it. You can watch PCTrainers use this cheat from start to finish in the video below.

He also posted up an XP cheat video that is pretty in-depth on how to obtain more XP in a few minutes. You can watch the video below, and get the trainer for it at and getting version

Even though you could get some mods for your game to make money and XP easier, it seems as if these cheat methods are pretty popular among players looking to get ahead in the game. If you’re the type that finds this to be helpful, you can head on over to to get the money cheat and the XP cheat. If you don’t have the game, you can get American Truck Simulator on PC for $19.99 on Steam.

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