Fallout 4 Infinite Item Resource Glitch Works After Patch 1.4

If you are playing Fallout 4 on Xbox One and PS4, players wanting to use the infinite resource glitch to make different items in the workbench, chem-station, cooking station and so on, will be able to do this in patch 1.4. Currently, a beta version is only available for PC players, but it has been confirmed to work on the PC 1.4 beta patch, and will come soon to console players.

This glitch helped players out before on previous patch versions of Fallout 4, and continues to still work in the PC version of patch 1.4, which is currently in its beta state. Both Xbox One and PS4 players will soon get the patch, and once they do, folks will be able to continue using the crafting method across the workbench, chem-station and so on, to make anything without using resources.

To start things off, make sure that you go to the station of your choice and hover over or below the item you want duplicated. Make sure that the item has no requirements highlighted to make the item without consuming anything. Second, if you are on Xbox One or PS4 (when the patch is out) you will need to press A or X and move above or below an item you have near the item you want duplicated/created.

This glitch is also good for making items that you never obtained before, since it can make virtually anything.

To clarify this, make sure you can build an item with highlighted requirements that’s either above or below the un-highlighted item you want to craft or duplicate. Hover over the item that you can build and press A or X (depending on which console you are on) and move quickly up or down to the item that you want duplicated. This will make the item without consuming any resources.

Demon Asylum demonstrates this glitch in his video below.

It’s best to note that when patch 1.4 comes out, players will be able to use this glitch across Xbox One, PC and PS4 as they are able to do so in patch 1.3 and below, though PC players really don’t need these since they have console commands.


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