Firewatch Complete Gameplay Walkthrough

One of the new games to come out for the PS4 and PC is a game called Firewatch from Campo Santo. It’s sometimes labeled as a walking simulator, but it could probably better be summed up as an exploration sim. Players will assume the role of Henry, a new lookout hired in to watch over a small Colorado forest. He talks frequently with a fellow lookout and his boss, Delilah. Gamers who find themselves getting stuck or in need of help can look no further than a complete walkthrough to help them along the way.

The start of the game is covered in a quick three-video walkthrough by YouTuber GameRiot. You can check out the early part of the game below.

Codes for all the security boxes are 1234. You can see where you are in the world using the map with the up button on the D-pad. For the first mission involving the fireworks in the forest…. just head head west until you get to the cache box with the rope in it.

You can deal with the two naked teens and head back to the Two Trails tower to finish the mission.

On Day 2 you’ll need to travel through the forest to get to the canyon and survey the communication lines following the events of the previous night. You can see exactly where you need to head to using the map below.

Firewatch - Utility Poles

You’ll need to travel north, climbing back down the rocky pathway where you came from involving the drinking and fireworks incident on Day 1. Continue heading north as indicated on the map above until you get to the canyon and find the utility pole. One way of getting there is following the mist.

You should end up at a clearing where Henry can report in the downed utility line to Delilah. If you head over to a rock just underneath the hill where the broken utility pole is stationed, you’ll have a little turtle there that you can pick up and examine.

If you follow the path around the cliff you can travel across the log and there’s a backpack hanging on the tree. You’ll have to circle back around and head south back down the map. If you follow the path all the way back down the map you’ll have to follow the southern path until you get to a lake stream. You’ll eventually end back up at the teen’s campsite.

From here the game moves forward at a steady pace, skipping through the days until you get to Day 15. You’ll find that there’s a supply drop you need to get to at the top of the map.

Firewatch - Image20

Moving ahead, the game will have Henry head to the lake where he discovers people listening in on their conversations. After Henry gets knocked out he has to find Wapiti Meadow. You’ll need to find the supply box before going to Wapiti Meadow. There’s a trail just off to the right side of the lake that leads to the supply box. From there, follow the path up to the fence that leads to the compound. There are a few rocks nearby that you can use to hit the lock but you can’t break the locks with the rock.

You’ll need to make your way to the controlled burn to get some help from the firefighters. It’s on the complete opposite side of the map and requires you to travel to find the firefighters. NukemDukem does a thorough playthrough from start to finish that clocks in at just over three and a half hours.

After you get to the scout station – which happens to be destroyed – you’ll need to grab the axe and head back to Wapiti Meadow.

You don’t make it back to the meadow, though. You’ll need to head through to Cottonwood Creek. You’ll need to talk to Delilah and go to a supply box that has a brand new radio in it. The code for the box is: 5678

After you get the new radio you’ll need to head back to Wapiti Meadow and break into the Wapiti Station with the axe you found that the abandoned scout station.

You’ll find a tracking wave receiver device in one of the tents inside the Wapiti station. It beeps as you get closer to the the ankle bracelet, which is inside the tent. Use the device to point it toward the bracelet, which inside the tent under the mess. Move to the pile of mess on the table to uncover the ankle bracelet.

Head out of the camp and back to the tower.

In the next segment use the wave receiver to head into the forest. There’s a set of bushes that house a backpack with a supply key to the cave from earlier.

After getting the walkman and listening to the tape, Day 78 will commence. You will need to head to the cave that you first encountered after dealing with the naked teens. Use the key to unlock the door and venture through. You can use the axe to break through the rock formation just to the left of the cave entrance beyond the locked door.

You have to head to the little hideout that Brian made on a cliff side. Take the climbing gear and head back to the cave and use the pitons to climb down into the chasm.

After you find the body of Brian Goodwin you have to climb out of the cave and report the body to Delilah.

On the final day you’ll need to pack up your goods and follow the wave receiver. You’ll eventually find a tape by Ned Goodwin explaining that he’s been the one listening in on the conversations of Delilah and Henry.

It turns out that Brian died during a climbing accident with his father when his anchor broke and fell to the bottom of the cave. Instead of reporting it, Ned tried to cover up the death and continued living out in the woods for the next three years.

Ned used Brian’s schematics to rig an antenna to listen in on the conversations between Ned and Delilah, hoping they wouldn’t find out about Brian’s death. It turns out that Ned was the one who saw Henry on his first day after Henry dealt with the teenage girls.

In order to maintain his equipment, Ned had been stealing batteries from campers who passed through the area.

After discovering Ned’s bunker, the final task is to get to the Thorofare lookout and check out Delilah’s tower. After the conversation ends a helicopter will come to pick up Henry and the game ends.


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