Ghost in the Shell: First Assault Beginner Combat Tips Guide

Starting the game for the first time and finding it hard to get any kills? This is a beginners guide for Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex First Assault that will help you get a few more kills. If you are a beginner, you may find it difficult in the beginning when you first start out, and as a result, you keep dying the moment you spawn in the game. Hopefully, these tips and tricks will help you out to survive a tad bit longer on the field.

First Tip: Save Your money.
For the love of all that is good and holy, don’t buy anything! Don’t spend your money; just save it and wait. You will want to buy upgrades, scopes, or something to make your gun shoot better. Don’t do it, just wait a bit longer.

In Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex First Assault, all of the guns have their pros and cons, which means the guns you start with will serve you just fine at the beginning, you just need to learn how to use them. If you save your money for about the first five to seven levels, that will give you a huge amount of money to plan out all the upgrades you will want/need. In about two to three hours of play time you can reach about level five or so, which means it won’t take too long to earn a hefty amount of cash. I will go in more detail about weapon upgrades in a little while.


Second Tip: Learn How to Use your guns.
Is it hard to hit your target and get kills? Are you hitting them but they aren’t dying?
Well, that’s because for this game, body and leg shots don’t do too much damage. In Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex First Assault, you can see how much life a target has at the shooting range. So go to the shooting range and shoot at the targets to become familiar with how your guns shoot. Pay attention to distance, bullet spread, and how close the bullets cluster together when you do different rates of burst fire. Head shots will be the number one thing that will get you kills, so aim for the upper chest and head area. If you aim for their upper chest, the recoil will force the gun up regardless, so you have a high chance of getting a headshot. Anything lower than the target’s chest will take several bullets to do any real damage, and in a fire fight, that’s no good.

Play around with just holding the trigger down and pay attention to how the bullets spray all over the place. If you are in combat and your target is running around, there is a 90% chance you won’t hit anything. So learn how to shoot your gun and where your bullets land.

Third Tip: Adjust your settings
There are a lot of factors that play into you getting a kill, but lag will play a huge part. Not just internet lag, but hardware performance as well. If you are on a lower end gaming system, lower the graphics in the options menu to smooth out the framerate. Play around with your control settings to change the buttons as well. I changed my walking button from Capslock so that my fingers could reach it more efficiently.

Adjust the settings to your camera acceleration, this determines how fast your camera moves when you first start looking around. Adjust your camera/mouse sensitivity. Are you overshooting your target and moving too fast? Lower it down so you have more control. Too slow and stiff? Increase it until you find the sweet spot so you can get even kills without constantly readjusting your aim. You only have a split second to get a kill, so find the controls to help make every shot count. You can test the settings in the Shooting range to make sure it works.There are also quick buttons you can press on your Keyboard to adjust the controls in game, by default they are the left and right bracket keys.

Fourth Tip: Pay attention to your surroundings

First, try to learn your way around the map. Pay attention to where your teammates go for cover, and avoid sniper choke points. If you get sniped in one location, avoid going there a second time, because chances are, the sniper is waiting for you to make the same mistake twice. Alert your team to the snipers position and either work with them to remove the threat, or find another way around.

Walking will allow you to hear what’s happening in your surroundings, so be attentive. You can hear your teammates running around and shooting. Pay attention to your map so you know where all your allies are. If the maps shows all your allies are in front of you, but you hear footsteps running behind you, than you will know an enemy is on your flank. You can hear people walking on the side of walls as well, so if you plan your movements carefully, you could essentially get behind them and get a stealth kill.

Sprinting also affects your aim and it takes a split second to stop running to bring your gun up to shoot, in that time you could be dead. So walk and keep your eyes open and your gun ready. Slow controlled bursts will help you land a kill.

Fifth Tip: Reload only when you have to
In the shooting range, pay attention to how many bullets it takes to kill a target, that will help you with controlling your ammo to land a kill. Reloading too often will get you killed. There is nothing worse than getting caught while reloading and not being able to do anything to defend yourself. If you are surrounded by enemies, it might be better to switch to your sidearm instead because the speed to switch weapons is a lot faster than reloading (but I personally find the starting pistol to be useless).


Tip Six: Choose A Character to Survive
A lot of the players think that Paz is cool, but unless you know how to use him, you will only speed up your own death by getting yourself killed by sprinting around the field like Sonic the Hedgehog and running straight into enemy gunfire.

Borma is probably the best for a beginner due to his ability to heal himself and regenerate his life. Yes, he may not be pretty with big boobs, but he’ll keep you alive. So show the big guy some love! At tier 2, he can also sync his ability to heal a few of his teammates as well, so you will be great for your allies.

Maven is decent for her ability to create the wall that makes you a bit invisible when you hide behind it, but it requires strategy. Do you like stepping out of cover to shoot? Place the wall so that it hides you when you take a step out, but keep in mind that when bullets pass through the wall, it flickers and reveals your position, so don’t rely on it to keep you alive and hidden.

You can’t go wrong with playing as Motoko, because it allows you to hide and camouflage with the environment. If you like staying back and playing as a sniper, Motoko’s ability will give you a huge tactical advantage.

The three characters listed above will assist you, but Borma’s ability to heal himself might help you stay alive long enough to land a few extra kills. Just keep in mind that Borma isn’t unstoppable, a few shots to the head will still put the big man down.2016-02-07_00002
Tip Seven: Hunt like wolves
Sticking together in packs of twos and threes will allow you to surround your enemies to pick them off. If you are out numbered, fall back and wait for your team to flank the enemy, you will still be awarded points for assisting with the kill. If you don’t die, your kill death ratio will stay at an impressively high number.

For certain characters it might be better to save your ability for the second tier, such as Borma, so that you can share it and heal your team members. You would now have three people on the field with extra life, instead of just yourself. In the case of Motoko, that is now three invisible soldiers, you get the idea. If your team plays similar, they too will share their abilities, allowing everyone to work together with additional character buffs activated.

Tip Eight: Choose your weapons wisely
Money becomes limited after about level ten, so try to save your money and spend it wisely. A few of the bests guns are the Deathstalker Evo (G36 variant) and the AK-47. However, many will argue that the standard assualt rifle and MP-V5A you start with are also great guns. If you are skilled with Shotguns, it too can wreak havoc on enemy lines.

As for upgrades, choose them based on your play style. Do you like to get up close and personal, or stay back where it is safe to pick enemies off from a distance?

G36 Control

A Deathstalker Evo with mods to increase Stability and Control at close range.

If you like to get up close, go for stability to gain control using a shorter barrel, this will keep your recoil down so that your gun doesn’t buck up and jump all over the place when you shoot; it will help with a run and gun play style. Accuracy doesn’t matter if the gun is bucking up at the ceiling after every shot.

G36 Accuracy

A Deathstalker Evo with mods to increase Accuracy.

Accuracy determines how close together your bullets will be when you shoot, more accuracy means a tighter smaller bullet circle and spread. A shorter barrel gives more stability and control, but also takes away long range accuracy and damage. Want to shoot that guy at 30 meters and not miss? Go for accuracy. You can also buy laser sights to help you aim.

A longer barrel will increase accuracy and distance, but often times reduces control, this isn’t a problem though for snipers and campers because you won’t be moving around much, and a well placed bullet will kill anyone within sight. If speed matters, a bigger gun adds bulk and slows you down. You can try to go for a mixed build, but depending on the gun that may not work in your favor, so play around with the stats in the market before making a purchase.

A weak gun that consistently hits might be more reliable than a gun that does heavy damage but has poor control and accuracy. Think about your play style, and upgrade your gun based on your combat role. All in all, you will get better with time and practice, so just try to have fun.

Have additional tips and tricks you would like to share for Ghost In The Shell: Standalone Complex First Assault? Comment them below and share what works best for you to survive out on the battlefield.

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