Review Report: Sebastien Loeb Evo Rally Is A SimCade That’s A Leg Behind DiRT Rally

There’s a recurring and consistent theme in the user reviews for Sebastien Loeb Evo Rally from Milestone S.r.l., and it’s that the game would probably be receiving a lot more praise and adoration if Codemasters’ DiRT Rally didn’t exist. However, DiRT Rally does exist and in result a lot of gamers have some serious criticisms to level at Milestone’s attempt at tackling the rally genre with Sebastien Loeb Evo Rally.

The game unequivocally contains a lot of content. There are eight rally tracks and five rallycross circuits that contain more than 180 miles worth of road to race across that span 64 different stages, this includes a daunting 12.42 mile hill climb on Pikes Peak.

The tracks are complimented with 16 different rally cars and 58 different designs. You can get a glimpse of the game in action with the 14 minute video below that gives an unedited look at the actual gameplay, courtesy of Inside Sim Racing.

There are a number of different modes available, from standard single races to a full-on career mode. However, variety isn’t what has many PC gamers shaking their heads and giving a thumbs down to the game.

On Steam there’s a common complaint that the game’s physics just don’t hold up in comparison to DiRT Rally despite having decent graphics. They also complaint that for $59.99 the gameplay quality doesn’t justify the price of entry. NaKeDApE sums up a long list of negatives about Sebastien Loeb Evo Rally by suggesting gamers look elsewhere – specifically DiRT Rally – for their rally racing fix…

“Any one looking for a rally game that is current, needs to look no further than Dirt Rally. It doesn’t have nearly the amount of tracks, but the immersion and game handling by far out weighs that small fact, and new tracks will be available in the future. I give SLRE a thumbs down!”

Rally-RacingIvysaur had a lot of positive feedback to give to Milestone, but also had a long laundry list of issues as well, some of which included a lack of triple-screen support, poor handling, and a lack of rag-doll effects for the cars. Ivy suggested that Milestone utilize Steam’s Early Access feature next time to get some really good feedback on improving the game’s faults before release, writing…

“Coding is not your best thing. Patch it up. You can have the coolest cars, the most awesome tracks, but if your coding, steering, whatever is bad it’s just wasted of money.


“Next time when you release Loeb Evo 2 or any other rally-game please consider the help of Early Access. All your problems could have been solved by Early-Access or experienced Beta-testers. “

Sebastien Loeb Evo Rally

Berkkayse was unfazed by the amount of content in the game and was more-so miffed at the core mechanics not being refined enough to make for an engaging and long-lasting experience, pointing to the game’s steering and lack of geometrical track deformations that mimic a properly laser-scanned 3D surface, writing…

“[…] this game has steering dampening. and that is so bad that it negates anything good. This means the wheels in the game will always turn slower than you make your inputs.”


“[…] And if that isn’t bad enough, the design of the roads are all flat. even gravel roads have no bumps, holes, or anything like that. sure they follow crests, but they are still just perfectly even surfaces with a dirt texture on them”

Coffeeguy66 had the exact same problems that Berkkayse had, even when using a proper steering wheel, writing…

“The game looks fairly good graphics wise but trying to drive the car using my excellent thrustmaster t300rs racing wheel is nigh on impossible, i spent ages tweaking the controls and trying differen settings but to no avail, the wheel input seems to have a delay and the car feels like it is hovering across the track plus you cant alter the wheel settings on the fly, you have to exit the game to the main menu and then have a play with the control settings.


“I’ve requested a refund and will buy DIRT RALLY instead. Milestone you are almost there but your control issues need some serious work.”

T-MAN.DK mimicked what was mentioned in a few other reviews, where players noted that the environmental objects are as solid as “concrete” and if you get stuck on them you can’t get off. He further explained this odd phenomenon by writing…

“[…] you can get very much stuck in the woods if you understeer of the road… i got stuck between a couple of trees and no apparent way out…couldn’t sideways slide the car free and reverse was the same…


“In my world this is actually more of a arcade game than a sim at present.“

Being an arcade game over a simulator hasn’t been much of a drawback to some console gamers, though. In fact, some console gamers thought that DiRT Rally was too hard and simulation-oriented and preferred the more “arcade” feel of Sebestian Loeb Evo Rally.

On Metacritic, Allthat wrote favorably about the PS4 version, saying…

“This is a really good rally game, but it isn’t the best. I would recommend this game to actual fans of rally and people who actually know about the legendary Sebastien Loeb. Fans are going to like it because of the absolute wealth of content. The driving itself is more like Dirt Rally where there’s more simulation than arcade although this game is a lot easier than Dirt Rally. However I would like to tell non-fans to go buy WRC 5 instead as it’s more arcade like and better for new comers to rally.”

You can actually see what the PS4 version of the game looks like in action courtesy of YouTuber WasTrickyYT.

Hengist was riding shotgun with Allthat in the cockpit of praise for Milestone S.r.l. for their work on the game, writing…

“I haven’t got any complaints with what I’ve seen so far, just positives. The wheel [force feedback] is great, the physics are better than any rally title that’s gone before it (on console, including previous gen), and the realistic stages are superb.


“I’ll be getting the console edition of DiRT Rally, but in the meantime, I’m very happy to have SL Rally evo in my motorsports collection.”

Ubersoldat74 was the odd man out of his console companions, noting that the damage system was unrealistic and “laughable”, and that the trees – even those of the tiniest stature – are as hardened as “steel poles”…

“ I really really wanted to like this game, but I can’t. Over the years I’ve played a lot of rally games and I’m still waiting for that one that defines the era of that console. On the PS1 and 2 we had the Colin McRae games, then the dirt series on the PS3. For me, SLR Evo will be a middling attempt on the Ps4.


“No amount of content will get away from the fact that this game seems half finished. Sorry Milestone, but you’ve missed a trick here.”

Back in the realm of PC gamers, ARW Ranger and a few others actually had the exact same complaints as Ubersoldat74, with ARW Ranger stating…

“Milestones last outing WRC4 had dream handling you could have loads of fun driving those cars! Sebastien Loeb EVO Rallys Driving Model is awful back to the days of a car sitting on a central pivet point floating across the track like your driving on Mars! The tracks are also just a little too narrow except the Pike Peak Track which the Drive model actually suits. It means you spend a vast amount of time off the track as the cars spin around too easily.


“I urge you to try the PC Demo first as you need to try this before you buy. Not a long term play!”

Sebastien Loeb Evo Rally

Now there are some gamers who absolutely adore the driving mechanics, car handling and physics systems. Zissakos1 mentioned that everything about the game is a dream, writing…

“This game is great and has it place next to the other rally games out there. It has a nice driving model, good ForceFeedback. The tracks are great, the Career mode is varied, nice content to keep you busy. It is much better than expected, and much better than the demo.”

Ole Andreasen doesn’t defend the game’s physics or attempts to hand-wave away criticisms, instead Andreasen chalks up the game as being about pure fun and at the end of the day that’s what Andreasen paid for…

“I have been using this game some now – and like it. No it´s not perfect, but neither is Dirt Rally, or Assetto Corsa, both of which I own.


“Realism? Come on… I am not a real world race driver, nor rally driver. I am in these games to be entertained – and, SLRE does that just fine.”

There are also some complaints about the game’s sound – that the vehicles don’t sound like their real life counterparts. Both the negative and positive reviews noted that the sound is not up to par. So that’s something to keep in mind.

Sebastien Loeb Evo Rally is available right now for PC, Xbox One and PS4 at $59.99. You can learn more about the game by paying a visit to the official website.


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