Serious Sam 4 Will Use Photogrammetry And Have Lots Of On-Screen Enemies

According to Croteam, Serious Sam 4 will be a step away from the more serious and dark tone of Serious Sam 3. The modern-military themes of the third game will be replaced with a lighter and more colorful tone for the fourth game, opposite of what you see in the main image above, which is from Serious Sam 3: Before The First Encounter.

DSO Gaming spotted a hidden interview like a gem tucked away in the dirt, or a properly combed strand of hair atop Donald Trump’s wind-blown mop. The video comes courtesy of Reboot Magazine who managed to get in some talk time with a few members of Croteam to talk about what they’ve achieved with Serious Sam 3 and The Talos Principle and what they have planned for Serious Sam 4.

Technical art director Admir Elezovic explained that they wanted to utilize the photogrammetry techniques they applied to the art direction of The Talos Principle – which was based on real life locations and visual properties that were scanned into the software and cleaned up by the art team – and apply it to Serious Sam 4. Elezovic explained to Reboot Magazine…

“Visually, it will be the most beautiful Serious Sam until now. We’ll get away from the dark and monotonous aesthetics of Serious Sam 3. It will look more realistic, but also in line with what people expect from Croteam, pretty colors, high quality, and that’s it. It will be easy on the eyes.”

In addition to making the game look visually appealing, they also want to ramp up the series’ most infamous feature: the on-screen enemies. They want more of them cluttering up the screen and they want more of them in each stage… including the Red Scorpion for gamers unlucky enough to be caught pirating the game.

Yes, the Red Scorpion is making a return and it will hunt down, kill and pester pirates for the entirety of their playthrough.

I’m hoping they manage to find that perfect balance that they did with Serious Sam 3, enabling gamers to have a nice wide variety of both realistic and fantastical weapons. Switching from an M4-style assault rifle to a cannon ball never gets old. Also, I hope modding comes back as well… some modders made some really awesome stuff for the last game, including a nice cache of sexy weapons, such as the AA-12 fully automatic shotgun.

There’s no date or time frame on when you can expect Serious Sam 4 but I wouldn’t put it past them to announce something at either GDC or E3.

(Main image courtesy of Paralyzed)


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