Star Ocean 5 Trailer Introduces Fiore Brunelli’s Magic-Based Gameplay

Square Enix let loose a new Japanese trailer featuring one of the characters in the upcoming Star Ocean 5 for the PS3 and PS4. The trailer focuses on a certain Fiore Brunelli, a powerful who can unleash some devastating attacks on the battlefield. Although I get the feeling that’s probably going to be one of the least talked about aspects of Brunelli’s… characteristics.

Dualshockers spotted the trailer over on the Square Enix YouTube channel, and it clocks in at just under two minutes, giving gamers a taste of her sultry voice, unmistakable outfit and a matching set of walking animations hot enough to make the summer days of Saudi Arabia feel like Siberia in November. Check out the trailer below.

There isn’t too much else to the trailer other than the elongated walking sequence so that gamers get a nice, full view of her animations, as well as a quick glimpse of her abilities in combat, and a round out of the character in some cinematic sequences.

The art looks really good here and the lighting artist deserves some real props. Notice the physically based rendering that sees the shadows and light sources altering based on where the character moves. You get a really good look at how the shadow casting physically reacts at the 1:10 mark on the close-ups of Fiore’s face. It really helps bring the characters to life as you see that the rendering and art-style is more than just what’s plastered on the textures. They seem to want to bring the world to life across multiple facets, which is great. The age of static shadows and pre-baked crushed blacks are over with (well on the PS4, anyway).

The game is seemingly scheduled to make an appearance on the PS3 and PS4 at the end of March on the 31st. Star Ocean 5 will arrive first in Japan and later on in the West. I surely do hope that Square doesn’t put the game through the censorship grinder. We’ve had enough titles getting hacked and butchered recently that it would be a real shame if something like Star Ocean went under the “cultural sensitivity” knife.


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