Street Fighter 5 Booty Mod Puts Laura In A Thong

It’s not quite a nude mod but it’s close enough. One of the curvacious vixens in Street Fighter V received a bit of an outfit alteration. It’s actually just a texture remap but it looks as if Laura is in nothing but thong chaps. The mod is only available for the PC version of Street Fighter V, so if you were hoping to get your kicks on some sexy-time mods for the game on PS4, you’re putting your hopes and dreams in the wrong platform, kid.

Lewd Gamer spotted the news of the mod, which is conveniently called the Laura Booty Fix mod. It was designed by the prestigious modder xHECZx, where the mod is featured over on the Street Fighter V modding discussion board. The version 1.0 of the booty mod can be downloaded from Mediafire right here. It replaces the spandex covering Laura’s cheeks with nothing but her tanned, brown flesh muffins.

There’s a demonstration of the mod in action with the YouTube video below.

Unfortunately, the mod is not an easy-to-install piece of software. According to LewdGamer there’s a 10-step process to go through in order to get the mod to work right in the PC version of Street Fighter V.

So how do you get the near-nude mod to work in the game? Well, you first need the QuickBMS file extractor and re-importer, along with a script file so you can actually manually extract the files in Street Fighter V.

You essentially have to unpack the files, rename the files, download the Laura Booty Mod 1.0, extract the data in the DC9 folder to the one extracted from the Pakspakchunk13-WindowsNoEditor.pak, and then boot up the game.

It may sound easier than what it is but there’s a complete, guided, step-by-step guide from start to finish on how to perform the surgical mod implant over on LewdGamer. And careful, the site is very much NSFW.

This is actually a fixed up version of another booty mod for Laura that came out during the Street Fighter V beta. The original booty mod lacked finesse, and had some lighting issues, but xHECZx made it his duty to do right by Laura’s booty.


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