Tekken 7 Off-Screen Videos Reveal Akuma Gameplay

If you’ve been pining to see what Akuma plays like in Tekken 7, some off-screen footage of the Street Fighter native has surfaced thanks to the character being present at an event where the upcoming game was on display featuring the raging demon fighter.

There are a couple of videos recently posted, where we get to see Gouki unleashing his blazing purple fireballs, a quick look at his uppercut and a few of his other moves. You can see the clips of Akuma in action below, courtesy of YouTuber sadic clon.




The first video was pretty pathetic, but the second video gives us a better look at Gouki’s moves and abilities, such as his ground recovery attack, his strikes, some of his counters and some of his combos.

The second video also gives us a brief look at Nina Williams’ super sexy wedding outfit, where she’s decked out in the high-split wedding dress with white heels and a bulky gun holster elevated very high on her upper thigh. I’m sure that’s going to be a popular outfit online.

What’s interesting about Akuma being in Tekken 7 is that he seems like a one-to-one translation from his Street Fighter days, just slightly slower. Hopefully he has more combos and can scale up the speed of his attacks as players chain them together, because otherwise trying to play him as a Street Fighter character in the Tekken universe will see him getting whooped by just about everyone on the roster. He’s going to need chain combos and good air juggles if he wants to survive on the tournament scene.

Hopefully we can see some better players getting a hold of the red-haired one so we get a better gauge of how he’ll play in Namco’s upcoming fighting game for Xbox One and PS4 (and maybe PC?).


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