TERA Online Nude Mods Resurface With More Options

Bluehole Studios and En Masse Entertainment really didn’t want gamers nuding up TERA Online. When the game first made its way to the West, there were all sorts of nude mods loitering around. But then they got cleaned up, they got left behind, and they got messy. After spending some time allocating all the nude mod sources into one big post, the TERA Online nude mods are not back and better than ever.

There’s a massive catalog of the mods that have been edited together and compiled into one source over on the Undertow.club by master nude modder, Naduron. The topic post is huge, and is a collection of all the TERA mods that have been released since November, 2013.

This includes Elin mods, Castanic mods, Human mods, High-elf mods and even event mods.

Now before you get too giddy and excited with joy about which characters you’re going to put into the buff, you will need a series of tools and hooks in order to get any of the files to work properly.

First, you will need UtHelper to create patched gpk files. TERA Online can only read the mods through patched gpk files, so you will need the UtHelper to make that happen. And you will need the TeraHelper for opening and saving gpk files.

There’s a complete guided walkthrough on how to mod every available aspect of TERA Online in this thread here. If the only thing you want to do is swap out the models or textures, you can use this how-to guide here from user infinity496.

There’s also a quick guide from Tea Droplet that only covers mod installation that you can check out here. This will allow you to play around with costumes like the one below, which is only partially safe for work.


You can download a long list of different outfits, alterations, skins and texture swaps for the characters. Unfortunately, mesh modifications are not possible and don’t seem very likely at this point (especially given how hold TERA Online is at this point).

You can check out the full list of nude mods for the game, spanning the Humans, Castanic females, the Elin, the High Elf, the Amani female and the armor swaps by checking out the Undertow.club thread. You can download TERA Online right now, for free, on PC by hitting up the game’s official website.


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