XCOM 2 Cheats Let You Access Unlimited Resources, Time Units And God Mode
(Last Updated On: May 2, 2016)

The time honored tradition of including cheats in games have been abandoned by a lot of companies during the seventh and eighth generation of gaming, but the art of cheat codes has not been lost on Firaxis. They included console commands into XCOM 2, enabling users to cheat their way to victory, just like in the old days of gaming.

YouTuber SlainKnightly has a seven minute walkthrough covering all the basic cheat commands and how to access the console in XCOM 2, so if you don’t have time to read but you do have time to watch, you can check out the video below.

If you need a textual walkthrough of how to access the command console to enable cheats, the first thing you need to do is exit the game and right click on XCOM 2 and click on “Properties”. Inside the menu, click on “Set Launch Options” and in the command line type in: -allowconsole -log -autodebug.

You’ll need the dash there and “allowconsole” and “autodebug” should be typed in exactly as it’s printed above.

Once you do this, you can re-enter into XCOM 2 and at the main base screen on the Avenger, press the tilde key (the button just left of the number ‘1’ key). This should pull down the console command window where you can begin to wreck some mean havoc against the alien occupiers.

The basic cheat is to gain resources and the basic commands on how to do this have been listed in a Reddit thread by gigabytemon, which you can check out below.


GiveResource [ResourceName] [Quantity]
AddItem [ResourceName] [Quantity]

Resource Names:

Item Names:

Armor Types
HeavyPlatedArmor (EXO Suit)
LightPlatedArmor (Spider Suit)
HeavyPoweredArmor (WAR Suit)
LightPoweredArmor (Wraith Suit)
MediumPoweredArmor (Warden Armor)

Weapon Cheats
FlamethrowerMk2 (Hellfire Projector)

Ammunition Types
IncendiaryRounds (Dragon rounds)


There is an auto-complete for many of the console commands so it should help you with identifying what you need and how many you want.

During combat you can use the console command: PowerUp
This will give you god mode and unlimited ammo and reload.

During combat you can also use: WhoseTurnIsItAnyway
This will give you unlimited time units so that you can keep on moving until your heart’s content… or until all the aliens are dead. And while you won’t be able to take damage you can still be affected by status effects, such as stuns or confusion. The ‘Backspace’ key will end your turn even if you have unlimited time units. This might be useful if you need the aliens to perform a certain action or need something to happen in order to properly complete the mission.

Now one of the main challenges in XCOM 2 is dealing with the Avatar Project. It puts a damper on how much time you can spend lollygagging on things because the aliens are attempting to finish the project, and you only have so long to stop them.

You can indefinitely halt the Avatar Project by typing in the console command: RemoveFortressDoom [Insert number here]

By inserting a number it will remove x amount of blocks from the Avatar Project’s status bar. So if you put in 2 or 4, it will remove two or four blocks from the progress meter. This is a great way to keep the aliens from winning… indefinitely.

Over on the Cheat Engine website user hedop has a list of additional console commands, including a list of the armor types you can gain, vest types and other things like being able to add facilities to your base using the “GiveFacility” command or the “BuildFacility” command. However, those are kind of redundant once you have the infinite resource cheat enabled.

XCOM 2 is available right now for PC and it’s been selling like hotcakes since its release.

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