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Maximum Games’ Alekhine’s Gun has been making some small waves since its release on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The game is pretty much like a Cold War version of IO Interactive’s Hitman. For some gamers who have difficulty with some of the levels will find that there’s a few complete gameplay walkthroughs available to help out with some of the more difficult aspects of the game.

YouTuber iMaveriq has a rather interesting walkthrough, containing all 11 missions of the game in successive order. You can check out the video walkthrough below.

The game takes place in during the Cold War but players will jump around in the time line during certain missions and flashbacks. The first mission involves eliminating Martin Fichtner in Bergen, Norway. You’ll also have to destroy a magnetic tape and eliminate Dr. Hans Heinrich.

You can use the compass to track your objectives and use the bumpers to cycle through the mission objectives when the compass is highlighted. The first mission is pretty easy; simply kill one of the Nazi soldiers, take his clothes and infiltrate the building.

Head upstairs to the second floor and across the balcony to get through the courtyard. When you head back inside you can follow the balcony to a point that overlooks a dining area where Fichtner is located. You can picklock the door – which requires you to match up the locking mechanism with the lock itself – to head downstairs to get close to Fichtner.

You can wait for Fichtner to head outside to the courtyard to take a piss and then use the garrote to kill him and take his clothes.

Head back inside and upstairs into the communications room and open the safe to destroy the magnetic tape.

Alekhine's Gun - Lockpick

In order to get to Dr. Hans Heinrich, you’ll need to head to the third floor of the prison, which is across from the mansion where Fichtner is located. You can whistle to lure Heinrich out of the torture room or wait for him to turn his back and then kill the guard inside and then kill the Dr.

Alternatively you can turn off the power to the torture room by flipping the switch on the second floor to lure the guard and the doctor out of the room. You can kill the guard, hide the body, lure the doctor back into the room and then kill him.

The second mission involves installing a transmitter, listening to a conversation, retrieving the documents and eliminating the spy.

First you’ll need a hotel room key. So wait for someone to enter into the bathroom, kill a guy and take the hotel room key.

You can head upstairs with the hotel key and enter the restaurant; head to the back where the waiter is and kill him and take his clothes. Put the waiter in the dumpster in the next room to avoid the body being detected.

Head up to the floor where the maid is and proceed to enter into the room on the right-back side of the hall. Lockpick the door and exit on the balcony and head into the room and place the transmitter on the phone without being spotted by the guy in the room.

Head to your room to get the bug-listening equipment – which is on the first floor. Take the bugging equipment to the phone booth to listen in on the conversation of the tapped phone.

After listening to the conversation you need to head to the second floor library to identity the spy. Head back to the hallway across from the library and kill the spy in the second room down the hallway.

Next you’ll need to retrieve the documents from the other guy who heads to the restaurant. Grab the waiter costume, and spike the drink with baking soda. Carry the drink on the tray to the other spy with the documents and after he drinks and leaves the table, follow him into the bathroom and use the chloroform to knock him out and then grab the documents. Leave the hotel to complete the mission.

AFGuidesHD has an alternative playthrough of Alekhine’s Gun available as well, covering the missions in a slightly different and less stealthy way. You can check out the walkthrough below.

The third mission involves eliminating Adolph Krauze and Bertold Stolz. Use a silenced pistol to take out a guard, take his clothes, move into the compound and head down into the lower levels.

Take out an officer and retrieve his clothing. Head to the elevator and move into the basement.

You’ll find Krauze in a utility facility on the lower levels. You can simply hop down and shoot him from a corner.

You’ll find Stolz in a planning room further into the facility. You may have to clear out the guards with a silencer from a hidden location, or whistle them away and take them out one by one. This will grant you access to kill Stolz without any opposition. Be careful, however, because Stolz carries around a gun.

After you kill Stolz take a photograph of the secret projects he was working on and then exit the facility to complete the mission.

The New York, Chinatown mission requires players to eliminate Terrance Shaw and Paul Capello while capturing a case with documents in them.

In order to get into the club where Shaw and Capello are, you’ll either need to get a membership card or sneak through one of the other entrances to an adjacent building.

You’ll need to get into the opium den, but you can’t have any weapons on you to get in. You can either lose your weapons or take out the guards. If you drop your guns you can get frisked and the guard will let you enter.

At the 16 minute mark in iMaveriq’s part 4 of his walkthrough he shows you how to drop your weapons so you can get into the opium den.

Once inside, you can knock out the masseuse, take his clothes and wait for Shaw to show up. Wait for Shaw to walk to the table and strangle him, or you can follow him into the bathroom and drown him in a tub.

You’ll need to proceed to the restricted area to get to Capello. You’ll need to take out a guard and take their outfit to get into the restricted area. Find an isolated guard and take him out; take his clothes and then proceed into the restricted area where Capello resides.

You’ll find Paul Capello in the sauna… you can walk in, sneak up behind him and use the garrote wire to kill them. He’s definitely easier to take out than Shaw. You’ll find the case with the documents just outside the sauna. Once you get the documents you can leave the building to complete the mission.

The final mission in Alekhine’s Gun is a real doozy. It can definitely take a while if you’re not properly prepared. There’s a video of the hour long mission below to give you a visual walkthrough of how to complete each objective.

The final mission objectives include killing Bruce Gardner and the head of the leader of the conspiracy.

You’ll need to head deep into the bunker to get to where Gardner is. Take out one of the guards at the top (or you can take out all the guards) and use their clothes to infiltrate the bunker. Follow the pathway down into a room with a safe. Inside the safe you’ll find the access card for the more secure levels.

If you move through the hallways you’ll eventually find a flight of stairs that move you up to level 4. You will, however, have to move down to level 3 and through the bunkers to get to the stairs that take you back up to level 4 that will put you where you need to be in order to take out the leader of the conspiracy.

You might have a tough time gaining access to some rooms and you may need a higher level officer outfit. When you’re on level 2, follow the hallway to the elevator through the room with the safe and take the elevator to level 5. Head down the hall and if you want a more high-level access outfit, you can take out the military police officer and take his outfit before proceeding.

After you take out the leader of the conspiracy, you can gain access to some extra materials by heading to the medical wing and taking out the nurse who has a key to the doctor’s office. You can pick up some anesthesia from within the office. Inside you can also take the doctor’s clothes and use it to wait for the Captain to enter into the doctor’s office. When he’s distracted you can kill him and take his clothes. Move into the restricted room and you can add the anesthesia to the donuts.

Bruce Gardner will eat the donuts and head to the toilet in the medical office. While inside you can kill him to complete the mission.

Your final task is to escape from the bunker… you can do so by heading to level 5 and taking the stairs up to the helipad. You can use the helicopter to escape from the area and complete the game.


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