Black Desert Online Nude Mod Available For US, EU And Korean Servers

This must be a new record for nudifying an MMO, but modders have already made a complete nude mod available for Black Desert Online that works with the American, European, Korean and even the Japanese servers.

Over on the user Cerophono managed to make a mod for Black Desert Online that removes all the armor from the female characters in Pearl Abyss’ Black Desert Online. In a way, this is less of a mod that “adds” to the game and more of a mod that simply removes the clothing.

Given the amount of details that the developers added to the characters, there’s plenty of goods on display just by stripping the characters out of their armor. The geometrical density of the characters is just impeccable.

Usually in most games if you take the armor off the characters you’re left with a blocky, polygonal body underneath, but the developers and artists at Pearl Abyss put a lot of time and effort into the character models in the game, so that they have a lot more intricacies than the typical models in used in most other games… especially MMOs.

Cerophono released a teaser image of the mod that you can check out below. Clicking through the link will take you to a very NSFW gallery. So just warning you now.

Black Desert Online Mod

Not only is it possible to install this mod and have it work on the American, European and Korean version of the new MMORPG, but it’s also possible to perform texture modifications as well.

Working with modder Ray Wing, it’s possible to extract and modify the textures in the game using what’s called a Resorep tool. You can download the tool from over on the, enabling gamers to use the tool in the same way as uMod for DirectX 9 applications.

The Resorep tool is designed to modify and replace textures in DirectX 11 applications. The thread in the link above will explain where in the Black Desert Online files you’ll be able to find the texture data and how you’ll be able to extract it and modify it to fit your liking. Keep in mind that as of this writing the Resorep DirectX 11 tool is still in the alpha phase, so there are some limitations to its usability.

As for the Black Desert Online nude mod, you can download the nude mod right now from the download page. Make sure you get the version appropriate to your region, including the US/EU version, the Korean version, the Japanese version and the Russian version.

Black Desert Online is available right now and can be purchased from over on the official website.


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