EA Sports UFC 2: How To Do Flying Submissions

A lot of players love pulling off grappling moves and doing submissions in EA Sports UFC 2, but not everyone knows how to get into position to pull off flying submissions and standing grapple submissions. They’re rare, sometimes difficult to do and not every fighter has them in their repertoire. Nevertheless, if you want to know how to pull off jumping rear-naked chokes or flying armbars, there is a guide for that.

With EA Sports UFC 2 making waves on the Xbox One and PS4, some players are looking for a little guidance on how to master the game beyond the initial basics. Well, YouTuber GoodGameBro has an awesome and short little guide to teach you how to pull off some of the more complex submission holds in EA Sports’ latest UFC game. Check out the video below.

To start the initiation of basic grappling to setup a throw or submission, hold down the left-trigger and use the right analog stick to perform a throw or takedown. To perform a flying submission, hold down the left-trigger and press the left-bumper while moving the right-analog stick to right to get into the “Thai” position.

While in the Thai position, continue to hold down the left-trigger and then the options should open up to perform the selected submission. As showcased in the video above, that would be the armbar. So while holding down the left-trigger press up on the right-analog stick to move from the Thai position into a flying-armbar from the standing position.

It takes about two positional transitions to get to the point where you can perform a submission from the standing position, so if you work fast enough you can pull it off quickly, but be prepared for your opponent to attempt to fight out of it.

To actually submit an opponent, when you get into the armbar submission (or any submission for that matter) you simply navigate the right-analog stick in a direction where your opponent is not moving their stick, and push through until you get an indicator in the submission window to push the left-analog stick into the proper position. Do so once it flashes on screen to continue to advance the submission and potentially submit your opponent.

It takes a little bit of practice to get good enough to pull off submissions quickly but once you get the formula down you can become a beast with grappling takedowns and submissions.

From the standing grapple it’s also possible to perform a suplex takedown and lock on a submission or go for the rear-naked choke. From the front grapple you’ll want to move into double under position where you’re both clinched… from there you can hold the left-trigger and and move the right-analog stick to the left to move into the back clinch on an opponent. From the back grapple, or rear clinch, you can then continue to hold down the left-trigger and either press up on the right-analog to perform a suplex, or left on the right-analog to perform a rear-naked choke takedown.

EA Sports UFC

GoodGameBro takes it a step further by explaining how you can add flying submissions to your arsenal of moves for your created character in the career mode. You click on your character in career mode and you go the “My Fighter” option and then click on “Moves”.

While you’re in the move selection list, scroll over to the submission tab and you can assign various moves to different button combinations.

EA Sports UFC 2

The levels for each move determine how much stamina it costs to perform the move andthe gate speed – or how quickly you can perform the move while an opponent is attempting to defend against it.

As mentioned in the video, not every fighter has flying submissions in their arsenal, you may have to experiment with some fighters to find out what moves work best for you and what sort of fighting best suits your play-style.

If you’re wanting to focus on submissions for your create-a-character sometimes attaching a submission to a more complex button combination will make it harder for your opponent to defend against it because they may not see it coming. Likewise, you can pull off the move faster and with higher efficiency by increasing the level, which will raise the gate speed and lower the stamina usage.

EA Sports UFC 2 is available right now both digitally and physically for the Xbox One and PS4.


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