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1411020cookie-checkBest Fallout 4 Crafting Glitch Allows Players To Craft Items Without Resources After Patch 1.4
18 March 2016
1.40 min read

Best Fallout 4 Crafting Glitch Allows Players To Craft Items Without Resources After Patch 1.4

Those looking for unlimited glitches in Fallout 4 Craft after patch 1.4, shouldn’t look any further since another glitch allows anyone to make items using the Workbench without any materials. This glitch is noted to work on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One versions of Fallout 4 after patch 1.4.

This glitch works across different stations like the Chem station and the Workbench and allows you to make any item without actually owning the part or ingredient. This glitch, in my opinion, is pretty game-breaking since you can just jump into one of your settlements, hover over an item you have and prompt the glitch to get the item beneath it until you unlock the rest of the items.

The only thing that makes this glitch hard is that it requires timing with button pressing, besides that you don’t have to do anything else regarding item hunting or something long and tedious.

This Fallout 4 crafting glitch allows for infinite weapons, items, and armor. It’s also best used at the beginning of the game or if you just got Fallout 4 and need better gear ASAP.

Now for explaining all of that above in the video in a written tutorial: you will need to go to any one of your crafting benches that you want. In the video above he wanted to use the Sharpshooter’s Grip for the Pipe Revolver rifle. You will need to hover over the item/part you want, and then press Right and Down on the D-Pad to obtain the item for free, like he did with the handle.

This will highlight the item/weapon in the list, and will allow you to equip or use whatever item was made in one of your stations. It’s worth noting that this glitch seems to work for some people and others say that it got patched. It seems to work randomly for those on PS4 and Xbox One on Patch 1.4, which is something to keep in mind.

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