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1410870cookie-checkFallout 4 ~ How To Find The Spotlight Schematics Automatron DLC
25 March 2016
1.37 min read

Fallout 4 ~ How To Find The Spotlight Schematics Automatron DLC

A new defense mechanism can be added to any settlement if you have the new Spotlight Schematic. You can find this blueprint in Fallout 4’s Automatron DLC for PC, Xbox One, and PS4, which adds moving spotlights that scan the area for enemy intruders.

This guide will only be helpful to those that like to secure their settlements or deck them out with lights. If you’re not into settlement building and like spending resources on things like lights and spotlights, then the schematics for this isn’t a must-have.

If you’re the type that likes to beef up your settlements with sturdy security, locating this blueprint will be quite easy. Upon heading to the Mechanist Lair at the end of the DLC, you will need to go to a backroom to obtain this somewhat hidden blueprint.

You will know that you are going the right way when you enter a room with a ramp that leads into a computer room. After exiting the computer room head left down a long hallway. Go to the room on your left again at the end, which will take you to a room with a bunch of stuff and a Workbench.

Once you’ve entered the room you will see some steps you will need to go down, and on a computer to your left should be the Spotlight Schematic blueprint lying on the computer console.

After taking the blueprint you will be able to craft mounted spotlights in your settlements. You will be able to find these wall-mounted spotlights under the Defense section in the menu option of your settlement. The only thing making these different from your typical spotlights is that they can be mounted on walls and turn left and right. You can see this in FudgeMuppet‘s guide below.

Making these lights will cost you one Circuitry, Screw and Oil, two Gear and Glass, and six Steel. These lights also add two more points of defense to your settlement as well.