How To Craft Items Without Using Resources In Fallout 4’s DLC On Patch 1.4

The return of the resource glitch in Fallout 4 is just as useful as it was it previous patches. If you are playing Fallout 4’s Automatron DLC on patch 1.4, you will be able to build whatever it is that you want without wasting resources. This glitch can also grant players infinite XP and caps if done right, and currently works on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

When Bethesda seeds a patch to fix other glitches they usually create more, and this time around there’s no exception with this version of the resource glitch that doesn’t waste any resources when crafting stuff. Now this glitch is nothing new when it comes to vets of this handy method, which can be done with any item that is highlighted above or below any item that isn’t highlighted.

Using the same example that DemonAsylum used in the video below, crafting Bloatfly larva will call for one Bloatfly Gland, one Glass, and one Psycho. To make this, you will need to be hovering over either the Bleed Out Syringe or Endagerol Syringe. The resources that the Bleed Out Syringe calls for is one Fiberglass, one Oil and one Steel, while the Endagerol Syringe calls for one Acid, one Glass, one Med-X and one Pencil.

Those who aren’t familiar with the glitch should know that if both items highlighted and not highlighted use one or more of the same materials, they will be consumed during the glitch process. Although you will waste that particular resource(s), you will still gain the item during the process. It’s best advised that you check the resources that go into an item before crafting it to see if they use the same materials.

To do the glitch on PS4 players will need to press X and up or down on the analog, and for those on Xbox One you will need to press A then up or down on the item you want. You can check this all out courtesy of DemonAsylum.



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