How To Get The Tesla Power Armor And Weapon In Fallout 4’s Automaton DLC

Looking for the unique Tesla weapon and Power Armor in Fallout 4‘s Automaton DLC? This guide will teach you how to get them both, with a side of spoilers though. Both the weapon and Power Armor can be found quickly, which increases the damage of Energy based weapons.

For those that just updated and installed the Automaton DLC for Fallout 4, they will be able to find a new energy based weapon along with some new Power Armor. These new items will deal a hefty amount of energy based damage since they are unique items.

To get the Tesla weapon and Power Armor you will need to complete the Mechanical Menace quest, which will grant you the quest Headhunting. The latter quest will take you to Fort Hagen, where you will meet Jezebel and fight Ahab. If you are much higher in level with good gear, plowing through all the enemies should be relatively easy, aside from some of the turrets.

After going up some stairs and through some rooms it should lead you to a bridge to a boss named Ivy. This boss will have an Assaultron Gorgon assisting her in battle, which when Ivy is defeated you will be able to take both the Tesla Power Armor and the weapon from her body.

The Power Armor will increase the energy based damage that you dish out, and will also enhance the Tesla Rifle’s damage too. A visual guide can be seen below, which comes from YouTuber FugdeMuppet.

And if you want a closer look at the stats and how both fair in battle, MrReign has a 14 minute long video covering both of them in various scenarios.

The base stats on the Tesla Rifle are 64 energy damage, a fire-rate of 40, accuracy of 70, a weight of 8.1, while sporting a range of 83. The gun uses cells and has a value of 90.

The new Automaton DLC for Fallout 4 is available right now for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. You can grab a digital copy of the DLC from participating e-tailers.


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