HunieCam Studio Launch Trailer Preps For Pure Depravity On April 4th

HuniePot released the official launch trailer for the upcoming HunieCam Studio, a sim management game about running a pornographic cam studio empire. The trailer starts off with a bunch of NSFW images but then eventually peters out into a showcase of the strategic gameplay elements and the more managerial qualities that the title requires in order to run a successful cam studio.

Essentially HunieCam is not just a simple ecchi-style dive into the world of sleaze. There is a bit of a requirement for utilizing tactics, smarts and foresight in being able to not only make money through cam shows, but also keep your girls happy and evolving as the business grows. You can check out the trailer below.

The basic premise and setup reminds me of a lot of mobile management games as you attempt to manage a cam studio.

Players will get to choose from 18 different models to work for them, each with their own kinks, personalities and idiosyncrasies that keeps the game fresh and players on their toes. Sending them to the spa, buying them gifts and keeping the girls happy is a key to the success of the cam studio.

Additionally, as the studio grows you’ll have to reinvest in the business, and invest in things such as training, aesthetics, hardware, web servers… the works.

You can also equip each girl with various items and accessories to boost performance, increase revenue and raise productivity, such as buying them stripper heels for better cam appeal, or buying the girls crack cocaine so that they can get their deeds done faster.

New to this game over the previous one is the ability to customize each girl beyond just her outfits. You can alter hairstyles and a few other traits to make the most out of their cam show career.

I suspect this will get the typical head-shaking, finger-wagging, condescension from the typical outlets peddling outrage media, but it will be more interesting to see how the average gamer and YouTuber reacts to the title.

You can look for HunieCam Studio to launch on April 4th for PC.


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