Review Report: Metal Assault Returns With Nostalgia And Lag Issues

Metal Assault can best be summed up as a free-to-play MMO version of Metal Slug. The game uses Flash-style animations and sports co-op and competitive play, along with an almost decent campaign mode.

There are some early bugs and crashes that have tacked themselves onto Metal Assault that will likely be fixed and ironed out, but some of the more pressing issues with the game center around the latency, fixed resolution, having to register outside of Steam to play and lack of gamepad support.

Before getting into the nitty gritty, the game itself features four different playable classes, customizable armor, a wide range of different weapon classes with a huge variety of unlockable guns, a cooperative zombie mode where players battle together against wave after wave of zombies, as well as a multi-episode campaign mode that can also be played with up to four players.

You can see a trailer for the game in action below.

Metal Assault originally came out nearly half a decade ago and was published by Aeria Games. The game ended up failing due to hackers and lag and it died not too long after it entered operation. It was revived recently by GNISoft and Gravity Interactive.

The highlight of the game is that much of what was featured in the Aeria Games rendition has made a return and many gamers fawn of embracing the qualities of nostalgia are greatly enjoying the return of Metal Assault, with Steam users like Brandouken letting their excitement hang out and dangle like Arnold Schwarezenegger’s belly flab in his man-bikini, writing…

“Oh my god the nostalgia. I have had many hours on this game, and I honestly just feel like it’s a very fun game to play with your friends.


“I personally have fun in the game, not everyone will find it interesting enough to play but I like it.”

Irisora had similar thoughts but also mentioned that the lag issue will likely be fixed and he also told others to stop complaining about the fixed resolution, writing…

“I was waiting for this day long time ago and i wish you the best devs. I have seen only one issue.. the lag is intensive sometimes but I’m sure they will fix that.


”To those who are stupid enough to don’t find the option to make it fullscreen. Don’t vote this game bad. Also don’t ask for higher resolution.. that will break the game mechanics and feels.”

Brewdog was one of those gamers who came from the old era of playing Metal Assault but tried getting back into the game only to find that it wasn’t quite what it used to be in his eyes, and the fixed resolution of 1024 x 720 was a big turnoff…

“I played this game back in the days before steam it was fun for a Minute then I realized how constricting this game was, and behold it still is, options suck, for one i cant change my resolution. and yes there were hackers back in the day like today this game is not my time or my money. “

Even though he’s been downvoted pretty badly by the fanboys, goku_sensei_666 also reiterated what Brewdog wrote, stating…

“game is locked to 1024×720… NO PC GAME should be locked to anyone resolution.”

AngryCupcake was also downvoted for mentioning the same thing, complaining that the fixed resolution takes away from the appeal of the game and makes it feel dated, writing…

“Horrid on the eyes. Stuck at a low resolution. If I wanted to torture myself with this crap I would have just plugged in my super Nintendo and got ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ drunk until I could barely see. Basically the same.”

Despite having to deal with the resolution, The Real [DFS] Loco Fang still managed to enjoy the experience, just not with all the laggers slowing the game down and diminishing the value of the gameplay experience, writing…

“It’s a really good game, met some really good people too, really helpful community. I only have a few problems such as the enormous amout of non-english speakers and laggers, the game becomes unresponsive when I join a game that has started, I honestly think this should be in early access.”

The vehicles, co-op modes versus the zombies and fast-paced Metal Slug-style action was enough to win over MarchMadness, writing…

“Amazing Game!! Want to slay zombies? Grab your rocket launcher and take it to town on them. Extremely intense pvp, skill based so far and not to mention the mission mode calls your inner challenger right out.”

Circles of Jerk seems to combine everyone’s review into one succinct, mean-spirited but honest review that manages to take jabs at Brazilians and Koreans for the laggy gameplay, as well as the game’s grindy gameplay, but still recommends it by saying that it can be fun to play on even the most potato of PCs and laptops…

“The game itself disregarding the community is pretty OK. You get some varied characters and weapon types to choose from and many different choices for armor and weapons. Don’t expect to get what you desire quickly, since you have to grind for weapons and armor that are outright better in every way or shell out some cash for the big guns and some paytowin buffs. Unlike the Aeria games version that was shut down long ago this seems up to date with the original foreign version of the game content-wise. Sadly this means a grindy gem buff and pet system has been implemented judging by the menus available for them.”

Metal Assault is available right now as a free-to-play, side-scrolling shooter over on the Steam store. For further information about the game feel free to visit the official website.


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