Street Fighter 5 Nude Mods Available For Download

Well that didn’t take long, did it? Everyone wondering about when the nude mods would be made available for Street Fighter V have had their questions answered. There are several mods made available right now that put the female fighters from Capcom’s latest outing in various states of undress, including a fully nude Chun-Li.

The first mod comes from kalevra, where they removed Karin’s tights and dress. She’s still in shoes and her upper body clothing but everything from the waist below is a little scant on coverage. She’s not fully nude on the bottom half, though. She still has her tighty-whities on. You can check out a video of the mod in action below or download the mod from over on Zippy Share.

YouTuber Street Fighter V Mods has been spending the past week uploading all sorts of risque and sexy videos from Capcom’s fighting game, based entirely on the mods coming out of the community.

He offers a video but no download link of Laura in a barely-there bikini thong, which you can check out below. Obviously, it’s not safe for work and you will likely need to log into your YouTube account to view it.

Even though the Laura’s bikini mod isn’t available to download right now, there is a Laura mod that features nipple slips through her green top. It was made by RoqueDemon. You can download the NSFW Laura mod from over on the Zetaboards.

Okay so maybe you’re not into sexy ladies, thongs, bikinis or lots of female fan-service. Maybe you’re into dudes. Well, you’re in luck because there’s actually a Sexy Nash mod. I kid you not.

Unfortunately there’s no link to the download in the video description but it’s very much available out there on the interwebs. It features Nash completely shirtless and with his face and limbs fully restored. There’s a video of him in action that you can check out below.

Of course, if you don’t even want some of the characters wearing a bikini, or skirtless, there’s a complete nude Chun-Li mod from maliwei777 that was released over on The file is 22MB large and if you need help installing it there’s a mod manager instruction guide over on Reddit right here.

A clearly NSFW video was made available to demonstrate how the mod works in action, which you can view below. It’s an age-restricted video so you will need to log into YouTube to view it.

In addition to the nude Chun-Li mod there is also a nude Cammy mod from 3DM’s Syasuke. The nude Cammy mod is only in beta testing but you can download it from right here.

Last but not least is actually a normal model swap mod. I’m only tossing it in here because most people probably don’t care if it were a standalone taking up space as its own article.

Over on DeviantArt modder Pior Oberson designed and modeled an original Q as a replacement for M. Bison. I kid you not, it’s an awesome mod and you can check out an image below.

Street Fighter V Mod - Q

Q was my main from Street Fighter III: Third Strike. He’s a clumsy character that’s very robotic in nature but cool nonetheless. He reminded me of a mix of Inspector Gadget and Rorschach.

Chay Johansson managed to do the skeletal rigging over M. Bison’s model as well as the cloth simulation physics. It’s some really impressive work by just two people. I can’t begin to say how awed I am at their dedication to bringing the character to life. What’s more is that you can see Q in action with the video below.

If you really like the Q mod you can download it for free from over on DeviantArt. The download is in the top right hand corner.

If the Reddit thread on how to install the mods was a little confusing for you, don’t sweat it. There’s a more detailed mod installation guide available over on the forum for Street Fighter V mods.

Now the only thing they need to come up with is a one-handed fight stick.


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