Visual Novel List Details Censored And Uncensored Releases
Uncensored Visual Novel List
(Last Updated On: March 16, 2018)

One of the sub-genres of the visual novel category is eroge. It’s a very popular niche in both Japan and the West, usually featuring fully fleshed out stories that contain hardcore sex scenes sprinkled throughout. They’re most certainly aimed at an older audience. However, a lot of visual novels catered toward adults are actually censored when they get to the West, with the explicit scenes completely removed or altered.

One website has taken on the very daunting task of listing all of the known English eroge visual novels with censored explicit scenes, and categorized them to let gamers and visual novel aficionados know whether or not the particular piece has been censored or whether or not it’s released in a specific region. The list goes a step further by offering links and information on uncensored patches or fan restorations to put the visual novel back into its original state.

This massive undertaking was initiated by Sanahtlig and he explains over on his blog that the whole objective is to list both censored and non-censored visual novels to help offer gamers a comprehensive list of projects that have been altered in some way for their release. Sanahtlig explains…

“The overarching goal of this project is to comprehensively list and document censorship of eroge in official English releases. My broad inclusion criteria encompass censorship of many different types, even types that many may not deem objectionable. Some games that were not technically censored will also be included for the sake of identifying games with both an adult and non-adult release.”

He’s also taking community submissions and corrections in order to help further flesh out the list and make it as comprehensive and accurate as possible.

This comes on the heels of a very big wave of censorship that has been pelting the gaming and visual novel community due to certain groups within the industry looking to control what kind of information they have access to whether or not they can view adult-oriented visual novels in an uncensored state.

As mentioned in the blog post, some companies offer uncensored patches, others simply forgo any sort of uncensored alternative altogether. For gamers and visual novel enthusiasts interested in what visual novels have been censored, which ones are uncensored and which ones are available in the West and which ones are not, you can check out the full eroge visual novel list over on Google Docs.

Sanahtlig has plans on continuing to keep the list updated and to add and modify the entries where necessary. If you have any suggestions or corrections to offer, feel free to let Sanahtlig know over on his official blog site.

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