Black Desert Online Nude Mods Blocked By Devs

You may have found that there was a disturbance in the fan-service lately. Perhaps your fun in Daum Communications’ Black Desert Online seemed a little… limp? Well, those of you playing the game with the mods that instigate one-handed play sessions, have been hit hard with the latest patch for the game because the developers have axed the use of nude mods.

The latest patch for Black Desert Online that went live on April 13th, 2016, made a significant change to the game that was not listed in the public patch notes that they listed on the official forums. While item changes, event modifications and item balancing may have looked like the only thing altered in the latest update, there was one other major change as well: You can no longer use the standard nude mods that have been making their way around the web.

The North American, European and Korean versions of Black Desert Online have most certainly been hit, as confirmed by modders who noticed that their mods no longer work in the game.

Undertow Club’s Cerophono made a public notice on the NSFW forum, letting users know that his model replacement mods no longer work with Black Desert Online following the latest patch, stating in the forum post…

“As far as I know, this mod has been blocked on [Korean] and [North American & European] servers! Resorep still works fine, however! In this time of crisis, I recommend BlackFireBR’s mod for the time being.”

BlackFireBR has a forum thread up explaining how to use some workarounds to get some low-level versions of the nude mods to work again, mostly texture oriented.

According to BlackFireBR, he explains that model mods that change the armor no longer works, but there are a few cash shop items that work and the Angel costume, writing…

“[…] all we can do is to use textures to try to remove the underwear and some armors to get the character naked.


“The Kibelius (Angel) Costume if you want to walk around naked all the time.(It’s the only costume that has the full body mesh underneath when you remove the texture) or any Cash Shop Underwear. (You will only be able to see your character naked when you toggle the “show underwear” button while in Safe Zones though)”

BlackFireBR explains in the NSFW thread how to make the characters naked again using the texture modifications, and which files can be altered to make it work.

The image below showcases that BlackFireBR’s mods does in fact work, but it’s only a texture modification and doesn’t work with all of the different armor sets in the game.

Black Desert Online - Image15

Some people questioned in the threads why Daum would do this? Well, it turns out the answer is a lot simpler than you might have been thinking.

Mods affected the cash shop.

It turns out that you could use Cerophono’s modding method to also access other cash shop clothes and gear with the model swapping. Hence, players could easily bypass paying Daum and Pearl Abyss and just access the clothing items themselves.

The patch garbles up the character models if you attempt to model swap, as indicated in the main image at the top of this article.

When some modders recognized that nude mods were still possible on the cash shop underwear, but that you couldn’t use the typical model swap, it meant that players would have to pay Daum and then mod the underwear with BlackFireBR’s texture swap.

This led one brash individual to make a post on the official forum to ask players if they would pay Daum to host official nude skins.

Essentially the nude mods are a lot more recognized in the Black Desert Online community than what you might have originally thought, but people do not want to pay Daum for mods they can already access for free.

While North Americans and Europeans may have a solution for getting the naughty bits back into the game, Koreans have had a tougher time of it. However, Undertow user Roo linked to a manual to help Koreans access the nude mods.

Some modders feel as if Black Desert Online‘s lockdown of nude mods could turn the game into another Vindictus. Others are just happy that there is a workaround for now. Whether or not the workaround will last is anyone’s guess, but Daum is finding out firsthand… you can’t keep a good modder down.


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