Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3 Gameplay Walkthrough

Koei Tecmo’s Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 has launched in Asia and Japan on the PS4 and PlayStation Vita. You won’t be able to find it on American or European retail shelves unless they import a copy. Nevertheless, plenty of gamers from the West have imported copies and are currently playing through the title right now. For those of you looking specifically how to raise the affinity and complete the challenges for each girl as quickly as possible, there are some walkthrough guides available for Dead or Alive Xtreme 3.

YouTuber DovMil has been posting up walkthroughs for each of the main girls featured in Koei Tecmo’s casual fan-service title, covering the Travel To New Zack Island mode where players pick a girl and hope to get her to like them over the course of 14 days. The alternative mode is Owner Paradise, where players can ogle and awe at the girls in various outfits while performing different activities, it also allows for photo and video capture through the Gravure features. Players can easily switch back and forth between playing as the girls in Girl Mode or watching the action unfold in Owner Mode as the AI controls the girls and players are free to snap photos or capture video of the action.

For a basic walkthrough of the introductory features, Shirrako’s playthrough with Nyotengu breaks down the game modes, the buttons, the outfits, the locations and the options. You can check it out below.

The basic setup is that you get to spend different times of the day engaged in various activities. As the menu above shows, you can relax, which raises the happiness of the girl, play through various single-girl activities, which can net you some points and affinity with that girl, or you can play against the NPC in several of the mini-games.

At any time it’s possible to switch partners or switch over to the Owner mode to take photos or video capture. The Island mode is good for unlocking new swimsuits and gear while the Owner mode is good for casually playing the game.

In DovMil’s videos, it starts with Momiji, going through the full 14 days over the course of 41 minutes. You can check it out below.

For Momiji it starts with the volleyball, moves into the rock climbing and then back to volleyball. Winning the mini-games raises the affinity the girls have with you.

DovMil moves through each of the mini-game activities at a rapid rate, earning money to unlock new outfits and quickly raising his affinity with Momiji.

In between each game there are some short vignettes featuring the girls relaxing or performing some other small activity so you can get a full look at their figure. These are triggered when clicking on the “Relax” button at the top of the menu when in the New Zack Island Mode.

The mini-games are played mostly through quick-time events involving the face-buttons, Square, Circle, Triangle and ‘X’, along with the L1 and R1 buttons being used infrequently.

The next video covers Marie Rose’s 14 day full playthrough. You can check it out below.

Just like with Momiji, Marie Rose participates in the rock climbing, volleyball, racing mode, butt battle, tug-of-war and the pool hopping. There are six activities present and it’s possible to also play at the casino at night.

For the most part, the only difference between each girl during the New Zack Island Mode is that you get different vignettes between each mini-game for the girls. These vignettes can be viewed in the Owner Paradise Mode.

The next video covers Honoka, her mini-games, her frolicking and some of her outfits. You can check it out below.

Next on the list is Kasumi. It’s a little shorter than the others, clocking in at only 39 minutes. While Honoka exhibits a lot more playfulness during her vignettes, messing around and rolling on the ground, Kasumi is a lot more refined in hers.

She sits at a table, walks around looking at flowers and relaxes on the beach chair. It didn’t take DovMil long to blast through Kasumi’s 14 day vacation. You can check it out below.

Kokoro’s vignette starts with her practicing a kata in a itsy, bitsy, black bikini. From there the mini-games commence.

After completing a few mini-games Kokoro performs more of her kata, making her playthrough definitely stand out compared to some of the others given her unique capabilities.

In the video above, Kokoro loses in the tug-of-war match, but for those wondering you can quickly recover during tug-of-war by rapidly pressing the ‘X’ button before you fall. The trick to winning is quickly flicking the left-analog stick away from your opponent to knock them off the float.

Moving on… we have the Hitomi video. You can check out the full playthrough with her vignettes below.

For the racing mini-game, you simply press ‘X’ to get up and start running, and then repeatedly keep tapping ‘X’ to run faster. The Circle button allows you to dive for the flag if you’re just within reach but feel as if you’re losing ground.

While it’s not showcased in the DovMil videos to cut down on time, you can actually spend the nights out at the casino, sleep in to recover, go to bed to start the next day or view the closet to see which outfits you’ve unlocked.

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3

At the casino you can bet your currency to potentially earn (or lose) money in order to buy new outfits and gifts for the girls.

During each day it’s possible to relax in between each mini-game, at which point you will get the short non-interactive sequences. You can actually earn experience and money just for watching the girls relax, which isn’t a bad way to earn points if you don’t feel like mashing buttons or risking losing money at the casino.

You can purchase gifts and outfits from the Owner Shop at the end of each day. The outfits are pretty expensive, but it’s possible to also buy things like volleyballs, suntan lotion and other trinkets to help raise the affinity with each of the girls.

You can switch to Owner Mode where it’s still possible to earn experience and money just by taking photos and watching the girls perform activities. However, you earn far less money and experience in Owner Mode compared to the Girl Mode, where you actually play as each of the girls.

Moving on, SplitPlaythru has a complete playthrough of Helena, showcasing the mini-games and her vignettes during the Relax mode.

You can also check out Ayane in the Shirrako playlist above. She’s located at part 11 and 12.

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 is available right now for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in Japan and Asia. You can download a digital copy of the Asian version with English text or import a physical copy of the game from places like Play-Asia. It’s just too “Xtreme” for the SJWs in the West, I guess.


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