Fallout 4 Companion Glitch Allows For Infinite Mods And Caps

Fallout 4 has another infinite mod and caps glitch that involves the latest Automatron DLC. This glitch currently works on patch 1.4 and is said to work on 1.5, and grants players an infinite amount of parts in their workstation or workbench with their robot companion.

With the creation of the latest glitch that Bethesda spawned in the Automatron DLC, folks will be able to get more mods and caps from their existing supplies. Now it’s worth noting that this glitch can be complicated and a little confusing to some, so it’s advised to look over the steps carefully while attempting this so that it will work correctly.

First pick the item you want duplicated, either craft it or select it. Go to the very top and choose the top item which will be either “No Misc Mod” or a weapon mod at the top. Check your Pip-boy to see if the item that you want duplicated is in your Inventory.

Next, have your companion standing near the station that you want to use and talk to your companion. Select the Trade option so that you can quickly spin-around and select the station near you. If done correctly your option menu’s UI should be mixed up with the companion trade menu.

From here, scroll down to the mod/item you want duplicated and equip it and then scroll all the way back up to “No Misc Mod” or a weapon mod at the top and equip that. Looking over to the Trading section, head to the “My Mod” window and select the mod/item you want to move over to your companion’s screen. After you are done with that just keep rinsing and repeating the process until you have the desired amount of mods/items you want.

You can catch Demon Asylum doing this glitch below, which is shown in a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it if you don’t have the mod you want, and how to do the glitch with mods already in existences.


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