How To Find All Hyper Light Drifter’s End-Game Secrets And Bosses

Heart Machine’s Hyper Light Drifter still holds a lot of secrets and valuable items in hidden places. If you are looking to uncover every inch of the game, a couple of new video guides might help you out across your ever long journey of beating bosses and finding secrets.

If you are like me and have a bad habit of trying to unlock everything, or for that matter find nearly all end-game gear and secret items, you’ll be in luck. Although the Southern and Western zones of Hyper Light Drifter aren’t covered yet (with time stamp guides), folks looking to mow down most of the bosses and find all the secrets near the end of the game will be able to do so, thanks to YouTuber Tterraj42.

If you are having trouble with the bosses in Hyper Light drifter, devoted boss fighting YouTuber Boss Fight Database has a nine minute long video showing all of his boss encounters. The video shows how to beat them and what type of tactics and items are needed to prevail, although there is no commentary or descriptions in the video, it’s just a visual guide to help you with what sort of tactics you can utilize during battle, as well as how to time your attacks and when a good time is to dodge and counter.

Lastly, if you want to know where all the loot and items are for the first video that Tterraj42 posted, you can view the Bulleted List with time stamps below. In total, you should have six guns, 11 equipment sets, 16 keys, 16 Monoliths, 32 Modules, and 185 coins.



Kickstarter Backer Room and More:

Equipment Set Effects:

Monolith Reward Room:

Dash Challenge Room:

Lore Room:

Approaching Final Boss and Final Boss:

Credits and Final “Thank You” Screen:

It’s worth noting that this covers different segments of the game, which pertains to the north, east and west portions of Hyper Light Drifter and then some. The game is available right now for PC, and the game will arrive on home consoles soon enough.

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