How To Teleport While Rogue In The Dark Zone In Tom Clancy’s The Division

Need to travel the dilapidated streets of New York quicker? Or do you want to escape the Dark Zone as a Rogue agent? Either way, both glitches will speed you up like you are riding in a vehicle or will literally teleport you out of danger in Tom Clancy’s The Division. Both glitches work across the PS4, PC and Xbox One.

Wouldn’t it be nice to travel around the streets of New Your quicker in the Division? Well, if you’ve said yes, there are two methods which one of them allow you to kill a bunch of people in the Dark Zone and leave with Rogue status, and another way to travel around like your sliding down a pole.

The first method calls for the Ballistic shield. You will need to place the ballistic cover shield sideways near the top of a ladder so that you can activate both the ladder and shield. Go down the ladder and climb halfway up the ladder and press the left analog stick down and up quickly and then click it in to do the flying pole glitch. You can use it to escape or to get around town quicker.

As usual, TritanArmy has the glitch showcased in one of their newest videos seen below.

The next glitch involves entering the Dark Zone and killing a large sum of people and retreating away as fast as possible to one spot only. In the Dark Zone 4 or DZ04, you will need to head to C 43rd Street near Vanderbilt Avenue, and you will see an alleyway with a car near a little hole in the wall. Enter the small space and you will be teleported out instantly to a Safe Zone if you have gear on you. You can see this glitch in GamesGlitches‘ video.

If you want to use any of these game breaking glitches, it’s best to act now before they are patched in any updates or hotfixes. As noted above, you can use both glitches in the PS4, PC and Xbox One version of Tom Clancy’s The Division.

Author: Ethan