PAX East 2016: Outlast 2 Videos Reveal Hiding Spots, Night Vision And Satanists

Red Barrels’ upcoming Outlast 2 takes a lot of themes from the found-footage movie genre and applies them to video games, evolving the horror elements from the first game to all new, very cinematic and very immersive heights in the sequel.

During PAX East in Boston, Massachusetts, the developers unveiled lots more gameplay footage of the mysterious new horror title, giving gamers just enough to lure them in and trap them in the hypnotic presence of horrifying cornfield chase littered with hillbilly satanists.

You can check out the first clip from Gamespot below, where the player-character attempts to get out of a house where bodies are being butchered and mutilated while the residents give chase with flashlights and ill-intentions. Check out the video below.

We see that you get the night vision on the camera back, enabling you to see through very dark areas and environments that are deprived of proper light sources. Players will have to balance how they use the camera due to the fact that the night vision drains the battery pretty quickly. It turns into a choice of seeing in the dark or conserving the battery power.

We also get to see how there are some new ways to hide and avoid detection, such as dipping down into a tub of water, or climbing into a barrel to avoid being seen by pursuers.

The Gamespot video cuts off a few minutes into the chase but the video from MKIceandFire goes a little bit further… a little bit deeper… a little bit darker into the game’s more sinister nature. You can see the rest of it in the clip below.

Creepy doesn’t begin to explain it… but this is the kind of game that will easily give people some serious frights when it launches. I wonder if they’re going to support VR headsets? That’s like a heart attack waiting to happen.

Just like with Friday the 13th: The Game, gamers with a fetish for scares can look for Outlast 2 to launch on home consoles and PC this fall. For more information feel free to pay a very kind visit to the official Red Barrels website.


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