Roblox VR Could Come To Nintendo NX, PlayStation VR

Roblox has recently been updated to house VR capabilities. The game now works in conjunction with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. In the coming months they plan on adding support for both HMD’s wireless controllers for true 1:1 in-game control mechanisms that relate to real life positional movements. In a live demonstration with the CEO of Roblox, David Baszucki, I was able to ask some questions about the game creation toolkit’s foray into VR and some of what’s on the horizon for the software.

The demo that lasted just over half an hour and I was able to find out about various little tidbits of info regarding the VR implementation into Roblox. The team had been working on the VR features for the past six months, offering their 20 million-a-month user base an opportunity to immerse themselves into the game like never before.

With the support being added for the Oculus Rift and Vive — following shortly on the game’s launch on Microsoft’s Xbox One — I was curious if Roblox could make the leap to other home console platforms.

Regarding a version of Roblox appearing on the PS4, and potentially gaining support for the PlayStation VR, Baszucki states…

“I think that’s a very safe assumption, even though we can’t make any announcements at this time.”

For now gamers will have to sit back and wait for an official announcement regarding Roblox on the PS VR. What’s more is that the game creation tool that plays host to more than 300,000 creators could possibly end up on the Nintendo NX if the Big ‘N’ has support for software like Roblox.

Regarding the possibility of appearing on the Nintendo NX, Baszucki states…

“Absolutely. Our vision is that Roblox is ultimately going to be the place where everyone comes with their friends to explore, experience role-play, and share immersive experiences. And we want Roblox to be everywhere.


“So it’s only a matter of time, really, where platforms continue to [adopt] this vision of ours where Roblox will be accessible wherever you may be.”

Right now we have no idea what the Nintendo NX is, but there have been running rumors about it possibly either being a hybrid for mobile gaming and home console gaming, or some sort of device designed around VR implementation. We won’t know for sure until this June, but there have been some small tidbits of leaks here and there about the potential of the NX.

The VR support for Roblox is available right now for gamers and creators alike. You can learn more by visiting the official Roblox website.


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