Star Fox Zero Complete Gameplay Walkthrough

Nintendo and Platinum Games’ Star Fox Zero launched on the Wii U back on April 22nd alongside Star Fox Guard. The game has managed to find a decent audience already and some gamers are looking for a few tips and guides via walkthroughs. Thankfully the gaming community has delivered.

YouTuber BeardBear has a 23 video playlist featuring a start-to-finish playthrough of Star Fox Zero. You can check it out in action below as it covers all the basic levels as well as the hidden levels. Check it out below.

The basic controls see the right analog boosting when its flicked upward, braking when its held down, and it tilts the Arwing when you flick it left or right. You can perform somersauls with the ‘X’ button and u-turn with the ‘B’ button.

It’s possible to switch views using the minus button, and you can fire the laser with the ZR while using the right trigger to fire the bomb. The ZL button is for the target view, or to lock onto targets. You can use the GamePad screen for the cockpit view and for precision targeting, or you can rely on the third-person view to get a better viewscape of your surroundings.

Star Fox Zero Controls

You learn all this stuff during the tutorial phase of the game.

The actual game gets underway in the second video where they go through Corneria and battles against the boss. After part of the hull opens up players will have to turn into the Walker and run through the center to face off against the core, which is pretty easy.

Sector Alpha keeps it fairly linear despite taking place in the open vastness of space. There are some impressive giant ships flying around, which makes for quite the spectacle, not unlike the opening scene in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.

The first half of the mission takes place in space where players will have to battle through a fleet of enemy forces, where-as the second part of the stage takes place inside the enemy ship, with players having to run through the ship as the walker.

Once you get through the obstacles and make your way to the center of the ship’s power source, there’s another boss to battle. The pattern is pretty simple and it dies pretty quickly in just a few hits.

The Area 3 stage sees Fox battling Pigma and then heading into the colony. Once on the colony’s surface Fox will need to head down into the underground hangar. There’s a red arrow on screen directing you in which direction to go in for reaching the underground hangar. You’ll have to dodge some more obstacles as you head further inside. After you get past the rotating plasma walls you’ll unlock the use of the Gyrowing.

After you get through the hangar you can then restore power to the colony using the Gyrowing’s little robot to activate the power. You’ll then need to power-up the Gigarilla and then proceed to the teleporter to complete the mission.

Star Fox Zero

The teleporter will take you to Zoness, where you’ll have to continue using the Gyrowing to get through the processing plant. The video reveals a few spots where you can pick up some collectibles as well as a few other hidden areas and how to free Katt.

During the Sector Beta mission, be sure not to kill your allies while fighting the enemies. Additionally, when the enemy ship puts up the shield and starts blasting at the fleet with the massive cannon, you’ll need to fly inside the opening in the shield to take out the shield generator to open it up for an attack.

After taking out the main ship you’ll need to battle the Star Wolf crew in an intense dogfight. Depending on how the fight goes will determine which stage you go to next. For a complete guide on how to access the secret and hidden levels you can check out the guide here.

The next stage is Titania, assuming you took the route where Star Wolf shoots down Peppy. It’s a Landmaster stage where players will have to blast through enemies in the scorching desert stage.

After you free Peppy, you’ll need to face off against the Scramworm boss. Simply shoot the highlighted pads on its body until its mouth opens up, and then proceed to shoot inside its mouth to deal damage.

If you stopped Star Wolf from shooting down Peppy, you’ll be able to head to Sector Gamma where Fox and crew will need to take down the missiles before they enter into the portal. This requires flying in close, landing on the missiles and then disabling each section on the missile before blowing up the main core. Sector Gamma is a short mission but could be difficult given that it’s based on timing.

Fichina is the next mission where Fox gets to utilize the Gravmaster and face off against the Mega Drone Mother Strider boss.

To take out the Strider boss, you’ll need to take out the legs, and then fly on top of it using the Gravmaster. Proceed to shoot the glowing red orbs on top to dish out damage to the boss.

After completing Fichina, Fox and the rest of the crew will head to Fortuna where Fox will team with Katt and take out enemies that look like they came out of Panzer Dragoon Orta.

The boss on Fortuna is a giant mechanical bird. The Monarch Dodora requires shooting it on the glowing target between its two heads. You’ll need to turn into the Walker and land on the platform to be able to get in a proper shot on the boss. Alternatively, you can shoot the two glowing red targets on its backside but you’ll need to be able to get behind it to do so.

The next mission is Sector Omega. It’s a fast-paced mission that’s a nice throwback to the N64 mission where skill and reflexes were the order of the day. If you played Rogue Squadron on the GameCube and raced through the Deathstar’s Trench Run then a lot of it will feel like a walk in the park.

You’ll face off against a boss where you’ll need to wait for the ship to open its hangar doors to do damage to it. Rinse and repeat until it’s dead.

The next mission sees you returning to Corneria for a second fly through. At the end of the level you’ll face off against Gigarilla.

The final mission is Venom, where players will face off against Andross. Simply take out the surrounding turrets and then travel inside the base with the Walker to deactivate the energy beam.

After deactivating the beam you’ll have to dogfight Star Wolf’s crew… again. After defeating them you’ll proceed into phase 2, the corridors of illusion.

The final phase is a battle against Andross where you’ll need to use the Walker to shoot his hands. Once you blow up the hands of Andross, proceed to shoot him in his Michael Bay-looking Transformers head. After shooting him in the mouth enough times a red target on the back of his head will open up. Blow up the target to blow him up. But that’s not his final form! As you’re escaping from the phantom zone you’ll have to blow him up one last time to complete the game.

You can proceed to go back and replay the missions to unlock the additional stages. The video walkthrough above covers the alternate routes for unlocking the secret and hidden stages, including Auarosa, Salvadora, Hunter, Satellite Mission 1, Satellite Mission 2, the Asteroid Field, the Great Fox stage and the Arcade Mode, which you can check out below.

Star Fox Zero is available right now, and it’s bundled up with Star Fox Guard for the Wii U.


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