Bots And Tricksplits Help Players Cheat To Gain Free Mass
(Last Updated On: May 3, 2016)

One of the biggest games of 2015 wasn’t a game you would expect to be on the top of any list, but it happened to be Matheus Valadares’ mobile MMO, which sees players trying to gain mass as a cell on a petri dish by swallowing other players. Well, this task is a little too hard for some people, and so some gamers have resolved to cheating, bots and even finding ways to get free mass by doing nothing at all.

So how do you get an advantage and win in if you don’t have natural skill? Well, if you have money to blow there are websites like that allow you to pay for bots for a specific amount of time, ranging from €1.60 for 10 bots that last for six hours, all the way up to 200 bots for seven days of bot-time usage. The 200 bots option isn’t priced and allows users to customize how many they want and what they want to use them for. You can see a 240 bot game in action where YouTuber Crystal Gaming shows users how to quickly win by collecting mass from bots that will automatically target and swarm to the user who paid for the bots.

Essentially you just let the bots create mass for you. You split and keep making mass until you swallow everyone else on the server. Pretty cheating, eh?

Crystal Gaming uses this little paid method as a way to troll people, writing in the YouTube description…

“Trolling people with an insane amount of Bots / Minions! I believe this is a new world record of Bots and a pretty good Highscore Gameplays as well!”

Is it really trolling if you paid to troll, though? I mean… usually the whole point of trolling is to cost the other person something, such as their dignity, their patience, their time, or their money. It seems like inverse trolling to pay money to make people angry since it’s like hiring a clown to act like a douche bag at a kid’s birthday party and then saying “Hey, check it out I hired this clown to act like a douche at a kid’s birthday party!”

As a matter of fact, the whole tactic of paying for bots isn’t always guaranteed to work for the botter/hacker/troll. In the case of YouTuber MalkiWay, he found out that by changing his name to the same name as the botter and by finding the nexus where the bots would swarm to the user, he was able to collect free mass in by doing absolutely nothing! Check out the video below.

So basically if you want free mass you can join a server with a botter and cheat by having the same name as the botter. You then find the point where the bots spawn and let them swarm onto you.

If you can’t manage to join a server that allows you to piggyback off of someone’s bots and you don’t know how to piggyback off their bots properly, there’s a method for growing big and staying using a “cannon split tactic”. This supposedly helps with gaining and keeping mass and requires a teammate in order to do so.

It’s far less of a cheat for than some of the other methods out there, but it involves having a teammate being split into two cells and being double the size of your current cell. Your teammate should then split into two more cells right in front of you and you need to do the same.

If you’re successful it should allow both of you to rinse and repeat this method to get absolutely massive in a short amount of time. You can see a demonstration of the technique in the video below.

The tricksplit can also be used against other players. Utilizing the tricksplit when near or surrounded by smaller rivals will allow both teammates to quickly absorb the smaller cells. When doing it in quick succession it happens so fast that a lot of players have no idea that they’ve been absorbed until it’s too late.

The video shows how to tag-team the tricksplit and utilize it to get to the top of the leader board with ease. Cheats

There’s another trick called the spacesplit that’s also similar to the tricksplit, but doesn’t require a teammate to make the most of it. It’s about aligning a medium-sized cell alongside other medium cells and then splitting and grabbing up all the mass along with the medium-sized cells along the way.

There’s a demonstration on how to utilize the spacesplit trick to gain mass. It’s easier to pull off than the tricksplit but a larger and more skilled player could easily thwart the plan. You can see it in action courtesy of YouTuber Pumba Agar.

Now if you plan on utilizing these techniques but you always want some sick skins or mods to go along with your gameplay sessions, you can check out the skins and features of custom servers over on the website. The app itself is up and available to download from various app distribution services. If you feel like diving in you can, but be warned that what you’ve seen above of in the videos is exactly what you get.

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