Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Trailer Gets More Dislikes Than Ghostbusters Reboot
(Last Updated On: May 17, 2016)

Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has managed to rack up more than one million dislikes. It’s been viewed 12 million times and counting, and it appears as if the dislikes are catching up to the views at a rapid pace.

Activision posted up the video of the sci-fi themed shooter game back on May 2nd. You can check out the video trailer below.

The fact that this is the third year in the row where gamers are getting a sci-fi themed Call of Duty – compounding a tired and rehashed franchise onto a tired and rehashed motif – the audience said enough was enough. Following the reveal of the World War I-themed Battlefield 1, the dislikes for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare skyrocketed. Check out the stats below.

It’s funny because a bunch of white knights have been trying to guilt-shame audiences into not disliking or downvoting the trailer for Sony’s Ghostbusters reboot. Yet, if you compare the stats, the trailer for Ghostbusters has 31 million views and only 763,000 dislikes. There are almost 300,000 more dislikes for the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare trailer, and it barely has half the amount of views as the Ghostbusters trailer.

So you’ve got 10% of the viewing audience of Infinite Warfare hating it to the high heavens, while approximately 2% of the viewing audience of the Ghostbusters reboot video disliked the trailer. By comparison Sony should be laughing and saying “Ha, at least we’re not Activision!”

The inane part about it is that more people obviously dislike Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare than they do the Ghostbusters reboot, yet the agenda-pushing media have made it a goal to bring Hitler, sexism and “muh soggy knees” into the discussion.

You have Andrew Stephens from the Sydney Morning Herald claiming that the trailer brings on the “ire of misogynists”, as if misogynists have been idly sitting by in their caves just waiting for a YouTube trailer to pop up starring an all-female cast in an action-comedy so they can use their patriarchy phones to inform their brethren at the Cathedral of Misogyny to go and downvote the video into oblivion.

Fortune’s Tom Huddleston, Jr., follows the reports that the dislikes come from “sexism” and “misogyny“, go-to buzzwords to deflect any and all criticisms if a woman is remotely or even tangentially involved.

Raw Story also played up the dislike of the Ghostbusters movie trailer being composed mostly of misogynist trolls. If you’re a woman and you happened to dislike the trailer, either you don’t exist or you’re a gender traitor in the eyes of today’s media circus.

Of course, none of these sites are going to make the comparison to the fact that Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – a trailer mind you, that doesn’t really feature any prominent female cast members or giveaway the gender of the main character – is far more disliked by the actual community than the Ghostbusters reboot.

The thing is, there’s no way to spin it as “misogyny” given that people actually dislike Infinite Warfare because they’re tired of the rehashes.

A large portion of the Ghostbusters hate comes from people tired of Social Justice Warrior agendas being force-fed into media and then used as a platform to preach as opposed to a movie being made about something fun and entertaining.

Leading up to the release of the trailer, director Paul Feig had pretty much setup the movie as a platform for today’s gender politics, as opposed to a true sequel/reboot of the Ghostbusters. Combine the non-stop sociopolitical hammering from the media with a lackluster trailer where fans say it “lacked laughs”, and it’s not hard to see that Ghostbusters has become a victim of the media’s own narrative.

Comic Book Girl 19 managed capture the nuance of the minefield debate in the span of just eight minutes, and brought up a lot of good points along the way.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is just a victim of a tired theme being played out on a franchise that has fatigued its audience. Funnily enough, more people dislike the fact that Infinite Warfare has wrung out the sci-fi welcome in Call of Duty than they dislike the fact that the sociopolitically-motivated Ghostbusters doesn’t look like a very good movie… based on the trailer.

Sony’s Ghostbusters is due for release this July while Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is set for release on November 4th this fall.

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  • C G Saturation

    I forget who said this to me: there’s more freedom in making something based in the future because you can just make up whatever the hell you want. Present and past themes require much more research and reference.

    Maybe that’s why CoD likes to make sci-fi. Or they’re trying to take a piece of the Halo pie. I don’t really know, as I don’t like CoD.

    • Mr.Towel

      My hunch is that they got on the Titanfall bandwagon, you know, the Titanfall hype before its release and how it would crush CoD for being set in a sci-fi setting with more complex controls and all that. Kotick probably went like “Fuck that, we’ll do three of this stuff. That’ll show’em!”

  • C G Saturation

    “or your gender traitor” <- ?

    Haven't seen the CoD stuff (not interested) but I saw Angry Joe's video of the Ghostbusters "reboot" and it looked like complete utter shit.

    The only people who throw around terms like "misogynist" are assholes incapable of being responsible for their own failures, so they try and misdirect blame towards those who see through their bullshit and utter lack of talent.

    "My work sucks? Well, you're a misogynist!"
    Yes, feminists tend to be people who shirk responsibility. They don't want to deal with their own failures so they accuse people of preemptively hating them.

    • “or your gender traitor” <- ?

      Aha, a noob mistake comes back to take a bite out of grammer. Thanks for pointing that out.


      feminists tend to be people who shirk responsibility. They don’t want to deal with their own failures so they accuse people of preemptively hating them. Get out of responsibility free card.

      Yep, I noticed this as well. People who had responsibility, accountability and criticism. Any of the aforementioned has them throwing around the typical buzzwords about the patriarchy or sexism or misogyny.

  • Arbitrary

    “Funnily enough, more people dislike the fact that Infinite Warfare has wrung out the sci-fi welcome in Call of Duty than they dislike the fact that the sociopolitically-motivated Ghostbusters doesn’t look like a very good movie… based on the trailer.”

    Why do you think that’s funny?

    “People care more about video games than real-life issues! How funny and enjoyable!”

    • Mr.Towel
    • Because the social issues have been beaten over our collective heads so much most people would just rather not deal with them.

      On the other hand, people play Call of Duty to have fun… so people naturally care about their escapism being tainted more than the media’s political motivations.

  • Arbitrary

    “…more people obviously dislike Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare than they do the Ghostbusters reboot…”

    That’s so fucking depressing.

    • C G Saturation

      Well, CoD is a much more recent and bigger franchise, so it can’t be helped. How long has it been since Ghostbusters got some decent love? I remember being a huge fan of Ghostbusters when I was a little kid. That was a long time ago.

      Glad I lost interest before it got buttfucked by politically correct misandrists pushing an agenda with zero talent.

    • durka durka

      The difference between the new coed and the ghost busters reboot is that the gaming community has a bad habit of not being capable of ignoring cod and they have to bash it. The movie community is more mature and they ignore things they dont like.

      I really dont get these people, dont like cod, have not been liking cod for years, they like bf, they HAVE to check out the new cod trailer, i wonder if this has something to do with the way the gaming media is feeding us cod with alot of promotion.

  • scemar

    The ghostbusters is a cheap and half assed reboot to an old classic, an attempt to cash in on its name, does no attempt to actually play homage to it, shows no love for it.
    And the fact that it is trying to use some disgusting cancerous political agenda as a shield from criticism is just the cherry on top.

    And COD is odd.
    It has a lot of haters, but also obviously an insane amount of fans too.
    But it always seemed to be like the haters were a loud minority vs the fans.
    Now the actual haters are the majority, so it has to be a case of fans revolting against the franchise.
    Yet the criticism it used to get was that it was too rehashed, boring brown shooter, now it tires some space stuff and now we see the fans revolting, so I guess the fans really liked their COD the same way it always was.

    • I guess the fans really liked their COD the same way it always was.

      No, I think the fans wanted something different. As you can see from some of the comments on the YouTube page, a lot of people are looking forward to the Modern Warfare remaster, while others were hoping they would return to World War II or some other era.

      I think the Battlefield 1 response says a lot: gamers just wanted something different.

      After three years of a sci-fi themed CoD back to back to back, it had become worn out.

      • Mr.Towel

        Interestingly, some years ago most people would scoff at the idea of WWI or WWII setting, these settings had been overdone to the ground in the beginning of the 2000s. Apparently, now it is old enough to be eligible again.

        Not complaining, I like that, miss the days when we could have some tangential learning by playing video games. But it does show a cyclical natural to themes inside the industry,

        • Absolutely. Everything moves in cycles. The sci-fi theme had its day and now we’re seeing a return to older war themes. A decade ago WWII was completely played out, and conveniently enough a year later Activision struck gold with CoD: Modern Warfare. A lot of times it’s a matter of seeing when trends are at their end and trying something new, or adding a fresh coat of paint onto something really old.

        • scemar

          Yeah and the sci fi spin seemed different to me but I don’t keep with the franchise, and apparently it’s old already.

          Keeping up with freshness is tough.

        • durka durka

          Well, look at far cry pirmal they didnt like a new setting.

          • I don’t think it was that they didn’t like the new setting, it was that it was a reskin with fewer features than other Far Cry games. A prehistoric survival game would have been cool if it was actually a survival game and not a reskin.

            For instance, there are plenty of games like Far Cry Primal out there that did the survival shtick a whole lot better, like ARK or The Forest or The Culling. Ubisoft essentially tried to cash-in on a now saturated sub-genre without doing anything new other than slapping “Far Cry” on the front.

            Sometimes it’s like these top end studios have no idea what’s actually happening in the gaming community.

    • durka durka

      “Now the actual haters are the majority, ”

      No not really the cod haters always expressed their hatred again and again instead of moving on.

      The reality is cod will come out and it will sell, they will keep not buying it and bashing it.

      They go out of their way to bash cod because they are tired of seeing it but they refuse to close their eyes and actively look for it.

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    I know a lot of people who were huge fans of COD4 and I think that might be why there’s so many dislikes since you have to buy this new game to get the remastered version which everyone is going to play more then IW anyway.

  • Hawk Hopper

    I saw a Tweet saying something about how “misogynists finally found the down vote button on YouTube” in regards to the Ghostbusters trailer. Then I was surprised how much hate the CoD: Infinite Warfare trailer got, but then again, the misogynists, which are people with the hatred of shitty media, did find the down vote button…

    Also, that dude’s fucking face. He’s like Andy Dick waiting for his next coke fix and his next chance to molest some young girls.

    • I was going to make a comment about his face… as if he had just finished taking a suckle on a flaccid pickle drenched in lemon juice… but I figured nah, his picture alone provides a thousand insults I don’t need to bother writing out.

      • Hawk Hopper

        The sure thing is that fuck face and his other dipshit clickbait whores-in-arms aren’t going to write about how much people hate the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare trailer.

    • ImJust1Joe .

      He looks like Andy Dick.

    • TT

      he does look like the type that hangs around playgrounds for a little too long…