Dark Souls 3 Gamer Defeats Nameless King At level 1, Without Blocking Or Rolling
(Last Updated On: May 9, 2016)

The Dark Souls series has become quite famous for its challenging difficulty level, and if you have ever heard of the series there are gamers scattered across the internet that post up montages of death to showcase just how difficult Dark Souls can be. But for one gamer, he uploaded a video on May 3rd that makes Dark Souls 3 look like a cakewalk.

Case in point, this video uploaded by YouTuber kaseius shows five minutes of him dying over and over again in various ways.

I will admit, I have never played any of the Dark Souls games, so I’m not entirely sure how difficult this game is, so you could chalk it up to that particular player just being bad at the game. However, there are thousands of players out there that share the sentiment that the game is way too difficult, causing a great many players to rage quit in frustration. And then you have the elite gamers that take Dark Souls seriously and learn all the nooks and crannies about the game to master it, taking the difficulty to a whole new level.

Dark souls 3 2

Stat Screen.

YouTuber TolomeoR did just that, making it to the Nameless King without leveling up his character, which means he remained at level one to make it to this daunting boss. The scene at the end of the video even shows his stats to prove that he is indeed only at level one. Now, most players will admit that the Nameless King is considered to be one of the most challenging bosses in the game, but that didn’t seem to bother TolomeoR at all.

To make the challenge even more difficult, he defeated the boss without ever blocking, rolling, or parrying… not even once, and he survived to defeat the boss. The best part about this? He recorded the entire battle live in the video down below.

However, TolomeoR did get a few items along the way to help him out.

According to PC Gamer, TolomeoR went into battle without wearing any armor whatsoever, but they say that he did have the Priestess Ring, which allowed him to equip Astora’s Straight Sword, along with the Cloranthy ring, and Flynn and Lloyd’s Sword rings, allowing him to be able to build a set that would allow him to deal out the damage that he needed to take down the Nameless King.

The combination of not having on any armor while at the same time not using any defensive maneuvers at all — except for running around like a mad man, is what made his feats so impressive. Majority of the comments in the YouTube comments section were also quite impressed with these skills.

One viewer asked TolomeoR how long it took him to accomplish this feat, and he responded saying that it took him far too many hours, ranging between 5-6 hours to accomplish what he did in the video.

Dark souls 3 3

When other players in the comment section challenged him saying that the new Dark Souls 3 was too easy, TolomeoR countered saying that other Dark Souls players in the past had accomplished the exact same feats for the original Dark Souls as well, and that the challenge is not impossible if you know what you are doing and have the patience not to rush into battle with wild swings.

What do you guys think? Do you think the new Dark Souls is a lot easier than the previous games? Are you impressed with his ability to defeat the Nameless King without armor, blocking, rolling or parrying? Comment below and share your thoughts.

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  • C G Saturation

    I’ve beaten the Nameless King three times so far. Died a lot at first, but I feel his pattern is much, much easier to deal with than the other endgame bosses. I honestly don’t know why people say he’s the most difficult. He has huge tells on his attacks, and uses specific attacks in response to your position, etc. He also leaves a lot of openings and can be stunned for a long period of time.

    I accidentally evaded Nameless King a few times just by running out of
    the way, so I know dodging isn’t entirely necessary when fighting him. I also noticed that if you play a ranged class, the game’s tougher bosses sometimes spend long periods of time refraining from attacking.

    The toughest thing about the Nameless King is probably that he has a large health pool and high resists. Another thing I noticed is that if you do get hit because of a slightly mistimed late dodge, the game’s huge command buffer will make you do a followup dodge after your hitstun, leaving you wide open to another hit which will very likely kill you.

    The command buffer thing is an issue that, from my experience, has always plagued Dark Souls in general, but it seems to happen particularly easily against the Nameless King because of the nature of his attacks.

    Aside from the huge command buffer, my personal beef with the Dark Souls controls is how the game does not detect your dodge from the moment you press the button. It only rolls once you release that button. This is because the dash button is shared with the dodge/roll button. For a game where dodge timing is so important, the dodge button should really be more responsive.