Demoniaca Returns To Kickstarter With The Promise Of Uncensored Content

Developer Fabio Consorti has made a return to Kickstarter for his project after the original Demoniaca crowd-funding drive hit a brick wall and failed to reach its intended audience. This time, the funding goal is set to $17,000, and he’s already halfway to that goal with 21 days left on the campaign.

Consorti is part of Mnemosyne Games, a small outlet out of Florence, Italy, working on the platforming fighting game going by the name of Demoniaca. It’s being called a Castlevania meets King of Fighters crossover, thus making it a Kofvania title.

The plot to the game is a classic tale of revenge, with a hint of Bloodrayne tossed in for good measure. On the Kickstarter page they explain…

“Striving to build a new Tower of Babel, a clan of ancestral demons razes a village to the ground. They sacrifice all its inhabitants, but one girl survives. Gutted and apparently dead, she wakes up upon piles of smoking corpses, surrounded by pools of blood. Her own blood has been contaminated with that of the demons, giving her inhuman powers. She sews her mangled body back together and decides to avenge her brothers.”

That sounds like a good enough impetus to want to go into a giant tower and kick the ever living crap out of demons.

You can see what the Kickstarter pitch video looks like below to get a better idea of what the game is like.

After failing the first time, gaining only a third of the intended funding goal of the game, they appear to have a lot more momentum with their second go at Kickstarter.

It seems like a project that might take off if it just had more eyeballs on it. Then again, some gamers weren’t entirely impressed with the pre-alpha footage, or the fact that the main character looks a lot like a female version of MUGEN’s Khriz, who in turn is a rip off of Kyo Kusanagi.

Khriz KOF XIII by OrochiDarkKyo on DeviantArt
Anyway, if you like the idea of a Kofvania title being made, you might enjoy seeing Demoniaca be brought to life. The game will feature mature, adult subject matter, and the Kickstarter version will be censored while the full release will be uncensored. If you do back the game you will also still have access to the uncensored version.

You can learn more by visiting the Kickstarter page or you can upvote the game as it seeks the attention of the Steam audience over on Steam Greenlight.


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