DOOM: How To Make Money And Buy Items Using SnapMap

There’s a pretty cool way to use SnapMap for DOOM to build a traditional FPS RPG of sorts where you kill monsters, make money and buy new items. There’s a handy new walkthrough available that teaches you how you can build maps and logic where you make some cash from kills and unlock newer and better gear along the way.

YouTuber Seris Taclys put together a neat little 15 minute video featuring the SnapMap tutorial that you can check out below.

Start with an AI Proxy, which will affect every single demon on the map. Select to make it where when the demon is killed it adds a specific amount to the Player Resource node.

You don’t have to attach the AI Proxy to any demon, you just have to attach it to the Player Resource node and then select the Resource node and edit it so that it adds a value. So you can have it where for every demon killed it adds to your score or money resource.

Additionally, you can also have it setup where every time a demon is damaged it also adds a value to the player’s resources. This is ideal for co-op multiplayer where multiple people may want to earn some coins for doing damage to demons, as opposed to one player just earning coins for getting the kills after everyone else did all the work.

DOOM SnapMap - Image21

As showcased in the video, you can have it setup where if the attacker does damage to a demon, it adds 10 resource points to the Player Resource node.

You can add a HUD setting for the money by creating a HUD node that reads the information from the Player Resource node. Have it activate by attaching it to the player character. You can effectively create different HUDs for different players if you want.

Next up, you’ll need to create a console panel where you can buy items from. Add some text above the panel to let players know that they can buy an item from it. In the video he puts some texts to let players know they can buy a minigun from the console for 150 resource credits.

Another text string is made saying “Not Enough Money” as an alternative error message for those who don’t have enough credits. You can make the “Not Enough Money” text not show up at the start, but instead only show up when players don’t have enough credits.

What you’ll need to do is attach the console to the Player Resource node and tell it that when the console is used that it will spend ‘X’ amount of the player’s credits/cash/resources.

You’ll need to setup the if/else logic for the Player Resource node. If the player has the necessary credits then you’ll need to select the “Succeed” option from the Player Resource node and select what happens when the player does have the appropriate coins. You can have it spawn an object, as demonstrated in the video, and in that case it would be the chaingun.

DOOM SnapMap – Image22

You’ll need to setup what happens when the player fails and doesn’t have enough money. Select the “Fail” state from the Player Resource node and attach it to the error message created earlier by selecting that when the player fails to have enough money to buy the gun, it shows the error message. If you only want the message to appear for a short amount of time, then also attach the “Hide” node so that after a short period it hides the text after displaying it; you can do this by modifying the properties of the “Hide” node and selecting the delay before the text is hidden again.

Once you complete that step, you’ll have a working setup to make money by killing monsters and buying weapons with it. It’s a cool little thing to try for making role-play scenarios or adding more RPG elements to the game.

DOOM and the accompanying SnapMap are available right now for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.


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