Dragon Heroes Forced To Censor Female Characters By Google, Apple
(Last Updated On: June 13, 2016)

South Korean game company Pati Games Corp recently updated their vertical shooter Dragon Heroes, adding a bunch of new features and fixes to the game while also removing cleavage, exposed thighs, and bare midriffs from the female costumes.

TechRaptor picked up the news from over on Censored Gaming, who did a quick video highlighting what was censored and why. You can check out the video below.

Originally the developers made a post on Facebook back on May 12th, which contains a lengthy changelog of lots of new tweaks, balances and content being pumped into Dragon Heroes. They also revealed that in addition to adding some new limited edition costumes for the characters in the vertical arcade shooting game, following the May 19th update, many of the female character costumes had to undergo changes and alterations to comply with Google and Apple’s standards on how females should be dressed in a game, and that the characters should maintain appropriateness in terms of virtual clothing attire.

The Facebook post states…

“Dragon Heroes have decided to change some of the characters’ images to follow Google and Apple app market policies. Costume images of some characters will be changed as well. The changes will be applied from 5/19 (GMT+9) and Costumes already purchased BEFORE 5/19 (GMT+9) will keep the original designs. However, original character images will be changed on 5/19 without exception.”

They list off 20 different costumes that had to be altered for the various in-game characters in order to ensure that the artwork complied with the rules of the Google Play and iTunes app stores for Western gamers. You can see an example of the change with the image below that was used in the Censored Gaming video.

Dragon Heroes

The change includes covering up the cleavage a bit more than the original, along with putting the females on items to cover their bellybuttons and midriff. The exposure of the female thighs also had to go away. The stockings were pulled up higher and turned into armor.

Some of the female gamers were fine with the change, commenting on the post with the following messages.


Not everyone was pleased with the change, though. A lot of the cash shop clothing items appealed to those who liked the cleavage, bare legs and exposed mid-sections.

A couple of the users calmly noted that they did indeed enjoy the fan-service.

You can get an idea of what the actual game is like with the launch trailer below.

Gamers have been told by pundits like Jim Sterling and Anita Sarkeesian that the whole point of attacking the game industry wasn’t to take away games or “take away the boobs”; but in this particular case that’s exactly what the results are.

The censorship is being handed down directly from the app stores, forcing developers to comply or have their games removed.

Apple enacted a similar policy last year when they had the Confederate flag banned from appearing in games; games that did not remove the flag were removed from the app store, as reported by Apple Insider. They also had various game makers remove the depiction of firearms from their marketing photos, even if the games themselves centered around shooting firearms. Now, it appears as if female clothing attire is being targeted by the app distributing giants.

Earlier this year the United Nations put a lot of pressure on Japan to comply with revisiting how females are depicted in anime, manga and video games. So far, Japan has said that they will not be wasting time trying to censor games and anime given that they’ve stated that these characters are “fictional” and not “real women”, as reported by Niche Gamer. What’s more is that the United Nations have not given up on getting Japan to ban or censor games and media that they feel depicts females in problematic ways.

Nevertheless, it appears as if some developers who won’t self-censor or choose to start changing how women are depicted in their games, will be forced to censor and change their depictions of females by the app stores and distributors.

In the case of Dragon Heroes, all future costumes released for the game after the May 19th update will be censored to comply with the rules of Google Play and the iTunes app store.

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  • No one important

    I rub my hands whenever this happens, as if things were going according to some evil plan. I love Victorian era, and it seems we are getting closer to renact it, step by step. I cant wait.

  • DizzyGear

    This is exactly why walled gardens like Android and iOS is need to fucking die in a fire.
    Why cant we have a mobile OS that’s open (without the need to jailbreak it) like like the good old desktop PC’s to avoid shit like this?

  • jeffmd

    My guess is it has to do with korean censorship, not googles or apple. If it was on the US store it would be fine, but a korean game in the korean appstore would need to pass koreas censorship laws and looks like they are pretty strict.

  • GuitarAnthony

    When do they come for Sterling’s boobs?

  • Michael P

    Mobile games are fucking trash but it’s likely only a matter of time until this neo puritanism bullshit sinks its claws into Sony and MS. Why don’t these loons just fuck off and join the Amish, leaving the rest of us to enjoy adulthood and pixelated pleasures of the flesh.

    Thankfully T&A will always have a home in PC gaming thanks to all those glorious modders out there. You can take it out SJW’s but they’ll put it right back in again!

  • A MN9 backer

    This has a simple solution: link & host a patch to the original content elsewhere. Many developers do the same, when the hosting provider bans certain content.
    e.g. Dlsite, Steam, etc.
    I don’t use facebook, or will. Anyone is welcome to repost this to them:
    호스팅 업체가 자신의 정책 욕망을 준수하지 마! 다른 곳에서 원본 콘텐츠에 대한 패치를 제공하십시오!

  • Hawk Hopper

    Bloom Lana: Haha thanks for getting rid of all those boobs. Now I might buy some female costumes.

    Social justice speak translated: “HAHA fuck you now keep bending over for us. I’m not gonna buy shit from this game because fuck games and fuck gamers.”

    • Here’s what I don’t understand: why not just suggest for the devs to add the kind of clothing they want so that they can buy the clothes they want and the people who want fan service can buy the clothing they want? I don’t get these people that they can only support the game after the stuff that appeals to males is taken away. Why can’t both get what they want? I really wish an SJW would explain why this is.

      • Hawk Hopper

        I don’t think there has ever been a time when SJWs said “we’re ok with what others want.” Their whole ideology is about forcing others to do the bidding of SJWs. There is no room of choice in their safe spaces.

      • scemar

        Because SJW types are fundamentally repulsed by these things.

        They see them as sinful and bad.

        They might say one thing or another, but this is what their actions show, this is what over years people have learned to understand, and now we see people finally calling it out, the true mindset of this people and how they operate.

        So because those things are bad, they should not be there.
        Period. They shouldn’t be anywhere.
        This is what plenty of their teachings say, what their “gender studies” tell us is problematic without any room for argument.

        That’s why they are so easy to start trowing insults or random words about it and have such a moral crusade against it, and why they will guilt by association, why they will disregards standard civil liberties that would get in the way of what they want.

        And deeper inside them, they see them as bad because that is how their ideology works, that is the mindset their teachings shape, shape, it’s what their communities have embraced as truth. Look at colleges now, say one thing the SJW mob does not agree with and they form a mob.

        And even deeper, well, there are multiple reasons.
        Some such as professional victims evidently have economic motivations in addition to the ideological.
        Plenty of them are clearly missfits that aren’t happy with their lives and have bought into an ideology that tells them it’s everyone else’s fault they are so miserable.

        In other instances it is simply a matter of political power, or advancing a career.

        But even in those instances when the ideology is not that passionate, they still have to answer to the more emotional base, look at all the big names that have accidentally said something that didn’t fit the ever evolving SJW narrative and quickly had to apologize for it, in the SJW movement the crazy people are in charge and everyone else has to obey.

        • anopolis

          There is a minor fault in all this “prudes” logic…its not the prudes..not the conservative types that are attacking this stuff…hell, they don’t even care about all this…its solely the SJWs. If a woman had made this, it would be empowering, but as it is, men made this therefore it is objectification. they can do it themselves, running around dressed like little whores but the moment you notice, the second you like the way they look..well you’re evil and must be stopped. I’m prolly, by most peoples standards prudish as hell…( I’m too old to be on here ) but I do enjoy the tangos, the freedom of expression..boobies…if you don’t like it stay away from it..sweater puppies..maybe I’m not prudish….tits….dammit..

  • What a complete disgrace. Along with the Anita drones.

    • Reven

      Sadly you know as well as I do that that wouldn’t be enough because the content they hate still EXISTS. It’s not about them not seeing it, it’s about it existing in the first place. Remember, they’re in pain and having ‘nam like flashbacks because this stuff purely exists, even if they don’t see it ever.

  • anopolis

    ya know i do enjoy this site…but the amount of times topics like this bounce thier way on here is nuts. The sheer volume of tangos make we wonder if its them, that are keeping this place..buoyant. at least all the comments are full of… perky.. people that aren’t total boobs..tits…i’m sorry..what was I saying?

  • Cats736

    Probably wouldn’t have played this game but I definitely won’t now.

  • scemar

    scams and insecure games are ok

    some stylized cleavage is not

    welcome to the mobile app stores everyone

    • Waifu Engineering

      It seems to me that the only way to get an authentic gamer-first experience with no censorship bullshit and shady business practices is to stick to hentai games. The irony.

      • Seems like a big leap to go from ecchi mobile vertical shooters to full-on hentai games, though. Little Timmy may not be ready for the futa game themed after Overwatch, “Tracer’s Explosive Adventure“.

  • Andrew

    Keep up the good work Billy. Don’t want you to think we don’t appreciate your Sherlock.

    • Heh, thanks but I didn’t any of the leg work this time around, just cobbled together what the devs said and what Censored Gaming pulled up.

      • Andrew

        still way better than Buzzfeed 😛

  • Muten

    Same old, same old. Can you still get the original version somehow? not much of a mobil phone gamer myself.

    • if you purchased the cash shop costumes before May 19th then they won’t be altered. But otherwise you’re stuck with the censored version unless someone has an old APK they can upload.