Easy Roller Dice Offers Polyhedral Dice For Tabletop Gaming

There’s easy crossover appeal between video games and tabletop gaming. In fact, you could say tabletop and board games were the grandparents of video games (or at least distant relatives). Tabletop gaming is still going strong and has a solid consumer base. Well, gamers can customize their tabletop experience with some custom dice from the Easy Roller Dice Company.

The recently launched outlet has a website up that offers a wide variety of polyhedral dice. These dice range from the standard four-sided die to the massive 10-sided die, and everything in between. As mentioned on the official website

“Our goal is simple; to bring you great prices on polyhedral dice and products that are high in quality. All of our 7 piece dice sets contain one 4-sided, 6-sided, 8 sided, 10 sided, percentile 10 sided, 12 sided and 20 sided dice. Each 105 count set also comes with a bonus 3.75 x 4” synthetic velvet carrying pouch specifically designed to hold dice.”

You can grab the dice in a variety of different packs, including metal dice sets that come in a variety of colors, including black and blue, black and red, black and yellow and copper metal.

The metal dice packs carry a hefty price tag, with the seven piece bronze pack costing $39.95. The gun metal sets are slightly more expensive, carrying a $44.95 price tag.

If you’re on a budget but you’re looking to expand your dice playing sets, you can find a bundle of them available for as cheap as $14.95. The 21 count pristine polyhedral dice pack, the three pack of gamers dice, and the 42 count bulk pack all cost $14.95. The pristine pack looks sleek, so if you’re working on a budget for expanding your tabletop gaming but you also want some sexy looking dice to accompany your role-playing endeavors, the pristine pack seems to be the way to go.

Now if you’re looking specifically for Dungeons & Dragons sets, there’s a 105 count bulk set made just for D&D play for $27.95.

If you’re just starting out and you also need some additional accessories to flesh out your tabletop gaming experience, there’s also a leather cup shaker available for $35.95 along with a vinyl mat with double sided hexes and squares for $23.95.

You can learn more about the dice and accessories by checking out the Easy Roller Dice Co., official website.


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