Edge of Twilight – Return to Glory: Steampunk Hack-and-Slash Game Returns From Development Hell

Apparently this game has been in development for years as they worked on the final release. Indie developers Fuzzyeyes has finally revealed that their action adventure hack-and-slash title Edge of Twilight – Return to Glory, will finally make its PC debut on Steam, this June of 2016.

I had to do a bit of digging with Edge of Twilight – Return to Glory because the original trailers shows an upload date of 2009, but I have never heard of this game until now. In the gameplay trailer down below, it appears that majority of the game was in place, yet there are no PC or console versions of the game to be found.

I then found out that the developers have been putting Edge Of Twilight together in parts, with one of the first being a mobile iOS title. The version that was supposed to be made for the PS3 and Xbox 360 appears to have been cancelled, and then delayed by several years, just sitting there in development hell and rotting away… until now.

There is an old discussion board on Neogaf where member Castef asks if the game was cancelled, and Neogaf member Mechazawa confirms with an email letter from the Edge of Twilight composer, Mick Gordon. Gordon says in the quote below —

Thanks a bunch for your email, it’s greatly appreciated.


You’re correct – that’s all my work in the trailers (music and sound) and you can even hear some of the voice actors that we recorded. That strange radio voice at the start of Someone Special is Mike Patton from Faith No More!


Unfortunately…all the doubt is true. The project is dead and the studio has been disbanded, and we’re all very sad as a result. I guess I kinda left EOT under “current projects” because I hoped that it would get picked up again, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. A lot of people spent a lot of time working on EOT and we’re all very proud of the work, but sometimes things come to an end. Most of the team have now gone on to other great projects and are working for companies such as Sony, THQ, Rareware, Quantum Dream, Grasshopper Manufacture, etc.


So yes, I’m so sorry to say, but the project has been canceled. It was out of our control – the decision was from business, not from creative.


Thanks a lot for your email though, as it’s nice to know that people still think of the game.


Please stay in touch!

The developers at Fuzzyeyes even confirmed this news with their dire and very sad Tweet, that you can read below.

edge of twilight3
(I’ll leave this clickable image link here in case the Twitter version is hard to read)

But sometimes it is good to keep a bit of optimism and hope alive, because Mick Gordon’s hopes that the game would be revived and released came true, as it makes its triumphant return with the new and very fitting title, Edge of Twilight – Return to Glory. To go along with the Steam Greenlight announcement, the developers also released this new trailer down below on May 6th 2016.

I think the trailer speaks for itself for what type of game Edge of Twilight – Return to Glory will be, but just to sum it up in a few words I will explain a bit of the story and gameplay mechanics. Edge of Twilight – Return to Glory will be a multi-platform action adventure game, featuring a halfbreed named Lex. The world is divided into two parallel realms, Day and Night. The Day realm has the industrial Steampunk Atherns, while the Night realm has the spiritual Lithern. Our main protagonist as you may have guessed, has the ability to travel between the two parallel realms as the story unfolds into a bigger plot. What plot? I don’t know, we will have to wait and see. The world is in a post-apocalyptic setting, with an over-the-top cinematic hack-and-slash combat system, and a unique set of abilities between Lex’s Athern and Lithern personas.

I’m not entirely sure about the story behind the game coming back to life and how the team pulled it off, but it looks really cool from what I have seen. As for the combat, they say that the footage isn’t staged, that is all actual gameplay footage captured for the trailer.

edge of twilight

The Steam Greenlight description says that Edge of Twilight – Return to Glory will be released for PC, PS3, XBox 360 and Nvidia Shield, but since the game had been cancelled, or at least greatly delayed, those platforms may change since the game has been revived, so I recommend keeping an eye out for any updates mentioning the newer gaming platforms, such as the Xbox One and PS4. But for now, it is just on PC and making its way to Steam.

If you are interested in seeing Edge Of Twilight make its way to Steam, you can vote for it on their Steam Greenlight page to show your support. Make sure to also check out their official website for further details.