Fallout 4 Xbox, PC Mods Add HD Textures, Overgrowth, Character Customization And More

Bethesda recently announced that Xbox One mods are now live for Fallout 4, and if modders uploaded some of these mods to consoles, you too will be able to enjoy them. These mods consist of plant overgrowth, more character cosmetics, a Muaser pistol, and HD texture rework for characters and the environment.

The first mod up is by AGodComplexPikachu, which provides a nice mirror mod that adds more customizable cosmetics to change your wastelander up. The compendium provides a plethora of 193 options to change your character to your liking. A nice overview by YouTuber It’sAGundam offers a peek at the mod, which if you are curious when the customizing starts, it starts up around 3:53. If you want to get this mod, you can head on over to Nexusmods.

Second up is Resurrection. This arrives from modder ResurrectionDev. Adding a look that one would find in the Last Of Us, this mod adds a lot of overgrowth to the Common Wealth making it look much older and abandon than before. A nice tour is given below, which Hodilton posted. You can get this mod by hitting up Nexusmods.

If you want to take it old school with your sidearm, modder GrinnginUrchen crafted a Mauser pistol for wasteland scavengers to fiddle with. The mod includes 15 receivers, two barrels, three grips, six magazines, two iron-sights, and three scopes to choose from. It uses 10mm rounds, and as of this writing it has no video but the pictures below. You can get this mod by visiting Nexusmods.

fallout 4 muaser mod 1

fallout 4 muaser mod 2

The last mod is by Hein84. This ups the scale of textures all around in Fallout 4, making the game look much sharper and more define. This of course puts all the textures in 2K, and even has a 1K version for rigs that aren’t strong enough for the beauty it creates. Entitled Vivid Fallout 4 -Landscapes, a video below by Hodilton allows folks to see all of the 2K textures below. You can get this mod by heading to Nexusmods.

Those on Xbox One and who want to learn more about the modding and how to get everything working fine, Bethesda recently updated its official site to help those out on consoles. In addition, you can read the latest post by hitting up bethesda.net.


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