Fallout 4 Mods Add Quick Cheat Menu, Custom Pools And A New Weapon

While we wait for official mod support to come out of open beta and hit all consoles for Fallout 4, some new mods have hit Nexusmods for modders to download, which offers one to have a nice plethora to scroll through. Currently, these mods are for PC, and allow for quick access to an active cheat menu, custom pools, and a new machine gun.

Let’s face it, PC folks know that when using mods in-game, they can be a bit tiring when you have to keep pressing Tilde to pull down the command list to enter a long piece of script or command that you may have misspelled/typed, rendering the command to be invalid. Yes, this used to happen a lot to me when playing games with mods or cheats to add something in a game. With that said, modder NexusAU made a mod to replace some of the basic commands to cheat or add stuff without having to use Tilde constantly.

Once downloaded, players will find the Holotape containing the quick cheats outside of Vault-111 that allows them to add stuff like more caps, ammo, bobbleheads, stimpacks and more. You can find the mod over on NexusAU’s page on nexusmods.com.

Fallout 4 cheat mods 2

WastelandMelody has taken the time to create a new “Chinese Assault Rifle” for Fallout 4. Complete with a fist-full of compatible attachments, the weapon looks pretty legit and has been remade to pay homage to the Fallout 3 version, except with Fallout 4’s new PBR engine.

If you are in search of this weapon, you can find it from the corpses of Raiders, Gunners, and in other places during your daily wasteland scavenge. But, if you are lazy or want to use it right away, you can use the command “help chinese 0” to instantly find the item code for it. It should be at the bottom under WEAP for weapon. You can get this mod from nexusmods.com.

Fallout 4 cheat mods 3

Lastly, there is the Pool mod. Yes, if it gets too steamy you can use the included shower to “cool things down.” The Pool mod is made by modder Akarnan, which allow players to add water tiles, usable showers for both players and NPCs, waterfalls, and a Relaxation Point Marker. You can view a brief overview of the mod courtesy of YouTuber Nice’s Playrhough.

Fallout 4 is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Currently, PC folks can use Open Beta modes, while Xbox One players can sign-up to participate in the Beta, which leaves us with PS4 players having to wait until June for official mod support.


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