Fallout 4 Mods Overhaul The Minutemen Faction And Vault 81

There are two new mods that overhaul quite a bit of Fallout 4’s features, well the Minutemen and the Vault 81 room anyway. The two mods arrive from Karel2015 and Elianora, which change and add more features to the PC version of Fallout 4.

The first mod up is Faction Housing Overhaul – Vault 81. as the name implies, it completely touches up Vault 81 and its content within. Folks will now find a gym, alongside a laundry room and shower for “maximum immersion.” There’s also a workbench for each station, including the cooking, chem, weapon, armor and power armor workstations.

Vault dwellers will also find that if they want the Armorsmith Workbench and Weaponsmith workbench from AWKCR, they can opt out and use the alternate version that implements those workbenches too.

Those who are curious will find that the room holds two magazine racks, a Bobblehead stand/shelf, and loads of storage. Moreover, if you want to gain access to all of this, you will need to complete the main quest for Vault 81 to see the items in the room.

In addition to the room being active, those who are far from the Vault room can use the marker on the map to travel directly to the Atrium, or simply skip to it by fast traveling.

You can check out Elianora‘s mod below that overhauls Vault 81, or you can get the mod by going to nexusmods.

The next mod up by Karel2015 adds over 53 new outfits and armor revolving around the Minutemen. This overhaul also adds 81 new faces, six recruit-ableĀ  mercenaries, six new ranks, 11 decorations and two new defense-based items. All of that is also joined by actual patrols of Minutemen mercenaries around the wasteland, as well as a traveling Vertibird.

Additionally, the Vertibird Defender can be outfitted with different weapons, and soldiers. However, to use such, you will need to have the perk Local Leader maxed at level 2, and the quest Castle and Armory completed.

fallout 4 overhaul mods 3 fallout 4 overhaul mods 2

You can get the Minutemen Overhaul 2.0 for Fallout 4 by hitting up nexusmods. It’s worth noting that these mods are currently restricted to PC, until official support for console mods arrive.


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