Fear Effect Sedna Has Successfully Been Kickstarted

Opening up the PS4 and Xbox One console tiers during the Kickstarter campaign for Fear Effect Sedna actually paid off for Sushee Games. They managed to accrue more than $121,000 in crowd-funding for their campaign, after setting an initial goal of $114,000.

The crowd-funding project started a month ago back in mid-April, when Sushee launched Fear Effect Sedna on Kickstarter. They got off to a decent start and managed an acceptable pace before slowing down a bit. After announcing that instead of being a stretch goal the Xbox One and PS4 versions would be added simply as tiers, the campaign managed to get back on track and surpass its goal with ease.

Fear Effect Sedna takes place four years after the events of the last game, but directly ties into them as far as the story is concerned. In tradition to the series, the effects of fear will still play a role in the game, and the isometric view is returning as well. The camera angles aren’t quite as dynamic as they were on the original PSX, but it’s still in real-time… which means you can partake in back and forth shootouts without worrying about time units or taking turns.

The game will also dive heavily into the lives of each of the characters, not only exploring their lives after four years have passed but their lives during the four years. According to Sushee Games, we’ll discover what sort of hidden secrets lie beneath the surface that affect the different characters in different ways.

Despite running off into the sunset together, Hana and Rain aren’t the perfect couple that you may have expected, and Rain is dealing with some skeletons in her own closet.

Glas and Heke also make a return, but things haven’t been peachy cream for the two, either. It’s an explosive reunion for the four mercenaries after being apart for so long.

The new game will continue to delve into espionage, mysticism, the dynamics between the teammates and plenty of puzzle-solving moments and shootouts.

You can see what sort of progress the team has made on the core design with the demonstration video below.

As you can see, they have some good foundations laid but they still have a long ways to go before it’s complete. According to the Kickstarter page they’re gunning to get Fear Effect Sedna up and out for release by May in 2017.

The amazing part about it is that here’s the revival of a game starring a Asian, lesbian female protagonist but the Social Justice Warriors couldn’t be bothered to hype the game up in their own circles. So much for diversity, eh?

You can keep track of Fear Effect Sedna by paying a visit to the Facebook page.